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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Toothbrush Hygiene Helper Review!  

Okay, there is always a bunch of stuff going on
in our house. With 2 kids, John and I and the
dog we don't always have things super clean around
here and the stream of visitors doesn't subtract from
the chaos at all. The worst part is we only have one
bathroom and it is in constant use. Even the dog
lives in our bathroom. In and out all day long and EW,
men, I sometimes need a truck load of air fresheners for
the rest of us to even step foot in there once they leave.
I know we only have 2.5 kids but it is still so bad I have
often thought of handing out numbers for who's turn it
is to use the bathroom now. With a bathroom that
busy sometimes it can get just plain nasty!

What is worse is things like our toothbrushes and
wash clothes are left out in the open to absorb all
that nasty ickyness and germs and I swear I shudder
some mornings when I see the condition the room is
in from the night before and the fact I now am putting
a toothbrush in my mouth that has weathered that storm.
Now we have a toothbrush holder but it doesn't do anything
to protect the brushes from the germs and all around
disgusting of the bathroom. Sponge Bob made a great
holder but sucks for sanitary reasons. I also have those
plastic cases for the brushes but those are the biggest
hassle to use for you have to store them in a drawer for
they roll away on a shelf or the counter and I live with
lazy people who would never do something as responsible
as to put an item away for that might take an extra
3 seconds and heaven forbid anyone take the time
to do something right around here unless it is
me. SO how do I stop the germs and worse yet, their germs
from getting all over my toothbrush. They might not
care but I sure do! I did a little checking around and
found the coolest gadget and we all know how much
Michelle loves a gadget! The toothbrush hygiene helper
made my life a lot more easy! Not only does this make
it a snap to put your toothbrush away after use and
easy to grab it keeps them safe and tidy and the fact
that is is mounted on a wall is a surefire way to ensure
everyone in the house uses it. When it is right in front
of your face you almost have to use it for it calls to
you softly, okay, joking but I just took out the other
holder and even my lazy boys found it a snap to use
for it was in easy reach.

The toothbrush hygiene helper protects your
brush from Germs and Gunk, mildew and anything else
that might hit those bristles that go in your mouth with
a stylish container that features a removable spindle
for easy cleaning and holds four brushes. There is a top
cover so when not in use you pop on the lid and nothing
gets in! You can mount it on your wall or set it right on
he counter, either way you know you are protected and
don't have to worry about what or who might be spreading
itself around your bathroom and you can brush with
confidence. I saw some study not that long ago about
how many germs that are on an average tooth brush and
that just flushing your toilet is enough to spread some
pretty nasty ones and that kept me up for days, with the
toothbrush hygiene helper I can finally sleep again.

The fact it looks good and is simple to use are just
perks when you think about the fact you are protecting
your family from things like cleaning products, hairspray
or perfume as well as germs and you can also just toss
it in the dishwasher for cleaning and I love that for with
Mr Sponge Bob I have to soak him all day in bleach water
then scrub like the dickens for soap buildup from being
so close to the dispenser is out of control. There are 5
different color choices and you can use the holder
with or without the wall mount and all at a reasonable
price. I have to say it may not be one of the more
glamorous review I did but it sure lets me rest easy
knowing I am doing something good to protect my family
and their health. These guys are two clean and sanitary
thumbs up from me!!

Toothbrush Hygiene Helper

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