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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Zipfy Review  

Winter is over here but before it disappeared we
got a chance to do one product review and you guys
need to put this on a list and get before next Winter.
Blame me for not finding it sooner and when I did
find it we were right in the midst of the biggest
snow storm of the season so I thought for sure we
would have weeks of the white stuff hanging around.
Welcome to Michigan and the home of the wildly erratic
weather that can be 70 one day and 70 below the next.
Even the morning it came there was still tons of snow
on the ground but the weather warmed up so much
that day alone that when Andrew and I ran to the
park on the corner with the sled hill it was already gone.
Now lucky for us in Michigan we have a Toboggan Run
that is Chilled and lasts longer into the season and
a total blast. A water slide in the summer and for
sleds in the winter and I drug the boys there to
test out this puppy for no way could I wait. Now
I will post this review again in the fall to remind
you but if you can get one this year I suggest you
do for they are a total blast and now is the time to
get them in stock before the word spreads and they
are all snatched up. The only downside is we could not
take anything on the run with us so no pictures but
I do have one of the sled and you gotta see it,
this baby is totally different then any sled you have
seen before. The Zipfy! Mini Luge! What a total blast!
Zipfy is this little fellow and just like the Star Wars
movie were little old Yoda comes creaking into the
launch hanger to confront Darth Dooku and Dooku launches
that lightening at poor little Yoda and you think he has
had it and then BAM, that little fellow is all over him,
zipping around and running circles around his foe. He is
faster then any old lightening and that is how we felt
about the Zipfy! Super fast and awesome control and
we never had such a blast. This is a little guy and
like a little guy it is super light. Looks scary when
faced with a hill but if you look at the flip side while
your pals are drag-gen up their huge heavy old clunkers
you are skipping up with you lighter then light little
old Zipfy. Then you get to the top. Buddy next store has
just made it while you enjoyed a cup of cocoa and
had a break. Here he is all winded and exhausted and
you are fit as a fiddle and you line up next to him.
Again, when you look at it and then big old Papa next
store you are thinking of one of those car races where
this clunker pulls up shooting backfire and sounding
as if it is going to stall out any minute and the
High end Sports car rolls up next to it. Little tiny
guy ( us) High end, 7,000 pound sled! ( them)
You think the race is over before it even begins.
How can you keep up with something that can cut
a mile wide path down the hill? Your hiney is resting
on a little seat, they are sprawled out on this
long old luxury raft. Starting count down,
and you are flying down that hill zipping over the
bumps and not being slowed down as you are forced
to cut through them. Weave in and out of obstacles for
you have so much better control. To the left, to the
right, you can go anywhere you want with little guy
and they are forced to take the path of least resistance
and turn, please, they will tip, you on the other hand,
do a complete circle and not miss a beat. This little
guy is everywhere! Anywhere! and more!
I have never went so fast on a sled in my life
and I swear I thought I was at a theme park! Like
a bullet we were at the bottom and looking for a bigger
hill. If I had not waited at the bottom to gloat when
big old banana boat got to the bottom there is a good
chance I could have ran to the top and did it again
before he even got there. Zipfy rules!
Where other people look and see tiny and therefore
not as good or fast, I see Yoda and he kicked old
Count Dooku's butt! The Zipfy kicked every other sled
on the runs butt that day and I spent more time telling
people where I got it then taking turns myself.
John got my turn, Andrew got a bunch. Everyone
got to go over and over again for you have to take
your sled back up to the top and while other people
struggled we could have ran for it is so light it is
like carting along a Saucer Sled not a Real one!
The Zipfy Mini Luge is cutting edge sledding experience
and has handling that is out of this world. You can
cut those razor sharp corners and turn on a dime and
not slow down for a beat. This was the most fantastic
sledding experience ever. Now like I said go and
grab one before the word gets out and you are left
looking at empty shelves next winter and I will
post this again to remind you or maybe not..............
Hey, I live in Michigan and we have sand dunes and
guess what? They are supposed to be just as fun on
those too! I plan on taking a short trip over to the
lake this Summer and I am going to hit a dune and
if I do I will be sure to get some highlights of that!
Unlike a big old sled there are not holes or crevices
for sand to get jammed in and being a solid piece of
plastic it makes a Zipfy mini luge perfect for the sand
and also means my Zipfy is a year round toy.
So yes, I was depressed there was no snow left and
we have to drive all the way to the sled run but
now that I know I can hit the sand with it, the frown
has been turned upside down and while you are
stuck making a sandcastle I am going to be zip-pen
down the hills! Zipfy Mini Luge, check them out and
see what the fuss it for once you try one you will never
be winded dragging a big old monster up a hill again!


What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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