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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Organic Bath Co. Review and Giveaway!  

When Andrew was a baby the word Organic
was seldom used and pretty much pertained to only food and
a couple of clothing items. Mostly those made of hemp. In
the early 90's there was kind of a mini little hippy movement
going on and that was the word was used, mostly in that
little community and rarely outside of that. Then slowly you
saw some products, mainly in the produce section and
Whole Foods stores started to open here and there and
by 2000 it was catching on all over and now here we
are today where you can buy Organic items at your local
7-11. Now Organics takes on a whole new meaning and
it is as common place as a Twinkie. Instead of locating
Organic products all-together now the search for the best
ones begins and with so many items to search through it
seems like a daunting task at that. I started using Organic
items in the early 2000 but will be the first to admit it
was the produce section. The reason being? Fresh items
just tasted better and there was a store not that far from
me that was pretty much a high end grocery store and
offered an abundant selection and also in convenience
forms like pre-cut fruit and veggie trays and that was a
huge thing for me because I have always been a fresh
fruit and veggie person and to have a platter all ready to
go when I was working 70 hours a week made them a
must have item at my house. As far as other items went
I could not tell you. Andrew was at the age where he
was growing in leaps and bounds and just to keep clothes
on his back that fit was a huge feather in my cap, Organic?
I had not a clue. For my own clothing I had to wear dress
clothes and suits for work and in 1999, 2000 you would
be very hard pressed to find a Donna Karen or Ellen Tracey
Organic line. I did wear a lot of silk and that can sometimes
be Organic, back then only if it costs enough but it wasn't
because they were out to help the environment it was more
because they could charge more if it came from a silk worm
and wasn't synthetic. Now a days, Organic is the thing
to buy and everyone knows what it is and what to
look for. My Organic section in the Gourmet store has
turn into Organic isle and then more isles in every store. You
no longer have to travel, like I said now you job is to find
the products that are good and weed out the fakes!
I have found a few product lines that I love to death
and learn about more everyday. Some times I come across
an item that I toss back but for the most part they are
all pretty good. The bonus with Organics being so common
place now a days is that it is becoming the norm and
therefore the prices are getting lower and lower. I used to
pay around 5 bucks for Organic Carrots and now I can get
them for just over 2. Less then a Dollar over the regular
versions price. That is a big drop. A lot of that has to
do with the fact big business has seen their error of
their ways and has started to develop their own Organic lines.
With all the searching I have done they are probably the
poorest quality but they have helped make it more main
stream and I thank them for that. Without that push I
might never have had the chance to find places like my
next review. A fabulous store that is growing by leaps
and bounds for when you offers some fantastic products
and at a price you can afford it is only a matter of time
before the word spreads and I am so glad I found them
now! The Organic Bath Company! These guys make everything
from Bath and Skin care products to Toys and Baby items
to Household and even cleaning items and so far every item
I have tried has been marvelous! For a product review I
was sent three items, each from a different section of their
store. The first was Better Body Butter. Now everyone knows
what Shea butter, jojoba oil, and green tea oil are and
we all know they are each fantastic in their own right.
The Organic Bath Company goes the extra mile and
found a way to compile these exceptional products into
one spectacular item that is also infused with Lavender and
Vanilla. Lavender relaxes you and Vanilla is not only known
for its aphrodisiac benefits it also is a good anti-oxidant
and has other medicinal properties. When you combine all
of these items into one you are pretty much looking at a
body butter that is something to write home about. Not only
is this a surefire way to visibly improve dry skin in the
shake of a tail feather it is fantastic for healing that severely
dry skin, eczema, burns, rashes and lessen the irritation
of psoriasis. It also provides a natural UV sun protection,
protecting your skin from free radical damage. All that and
it is calming and can make your hubby sit up and take
notice too! Excellent! This stuff was exceptional and
I am toting it around in my purse for it just makes me
feel good all over. Also seeing as I was feeling all spry and
so was John whenever I used it, I don't know if it was
happen-chance or fate but the next item they sent was the
Bubble Bath Roses. Okay, first thought, these are adorable.
So cute I fell for them hook line and sinker before I even
opened the box! The thing is though they are not just for
show they are also a also a rich, skin softening bubble bath.
That's right, these adorable petal melt in your bath to create
a luxurious bubble bath for the petals completely dissolve into
rich, skin softening bubbles and the heavenly fragrance of
pure, distilled essential oils. Now when I looked at them
that was the furthest thought from my mind. I thought they
were purely for show. How they did it I have no clue but
they did and I so thank them for it because there is nothing
more relaxing then a hot tub with candles and some soft
music and then to sprinkle some Rose petal in that don't
just float but dissolve into pure heaven took my entire world
by surprise and brought me up to a level of relaxation that
you just can't compete with. Sensuous, beautiful and relaxing
all rolled into one!

After they showed me some products just for me they
clued me in on what they could do for Rowan. I was sent
a sampler pack of Baby items that were absolutely fabulous!
The Organic Baby Travel Pack has a little bit of everything
and a lot of quality and I was tickled pink to try them
all. The pack includes the:
Conditioning Shampoo & Wash
Calming Bubble Bath
Velvety Soft Babee Lotion
Soothing Bottom Balm
and every single item works like a charm. The Bubble Bath
has become a must have in our house and I am pretty sure
Rowan would not have the fun she has in the bathtub right
now without it. The bubbles are full and thick and do not
fizzle away and pretty much last the length of the bath
unless she is going for a record breaker. I used the Conditioning
Shampoo & Wash while in the tub and "no tears Mom!" just
smiles for she is still oohing and aweeeing over the
bubbles and barely knows the cleaning up part has even
taken place. Once finished we use the lotion and that locks
in the moisture that bath has given her for unlike the
chemical laden products we had before she comes out
all soft and silky and not stripped of her naturally perfect
baby skin she went in the tub with. Now the Soothing
Bottom Balm I have barely had a chance to use because
with the other products she is kept so soft and her skin
is so perfect she has not had a rash since I started using
it. There has been a couple of times her number 2 has
been a little tough for her and left her pink from effort so
I did use it to be safe and not sorry but a real need for
it I have yet to run across. There is not a doubt in my mind
though that if that day should come it will work wonders for
as well as the other items worked I know this will rock just
as well. I am in love with everyone of their items I have
tried. They were just fantastic!

I am looking forward to trying the other items they
make, the cleaning products the most for with their all
purpose cleaner and laundry liquid I don't think I can go
wrong and the men's items are also on my list for
I adore the fact they use Sage in them and it is
such a manly scent I know I will be totally impressed.
The Organic Bath Company has a great line of items and
I see them growing in leaps and bounds and not from
their products alone because they offer the full package.
Not only do they have great products the customer service
is off the charts. I really enjoyed speaking to them and
found them helpful and truly compassionate in what they
do and it is rare you run across a place that believes
in what they sell and you can tell by speaking to them
that they do. They are not only proud of what they
offer they stand behind their products and I am proud
to say that The Organic Bath Company is the first
Organic company to make my top ten list! Just read
through the criteria on that list and I can assure you
they meet every single one and more. Great prices,
great customer service, a fabulous product and they
go the whole nine yards to make sure you are just
as happy owning their items as they are making them.
I can picture their staff whistling while they work for
they are just a great company all around. They are
Snow White in an Organic forests and the Butterfly's
and Birds have already been signing their song and now
I am too! The Organic Bath Company is what I hope
to be a store that sets the standards for others because
it will be a much more healthy, happy and content world
if that is the case. The Organic Bath Company can sit on
the ledge of my tub anytime!

One of you can find out just how fantastic they are
too for The Organic Bath Company is going to give one
of my very lucky readers the same items they gave me.
To enter is easy, just head over to their site and take
a look around and then come back here and post something
you have learned in a comment. The contests will start
tonight and run to Midnight on May 8th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day, every day, and then posting that you did here
and other ways to enter are posted below.

Organic Bath Co.

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Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or Twitter page
and post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times. You may only do this
one time! This is not a daily entry.

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Picture I used on cards
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