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Saturday, March 6, 2010

isABelt Review and Giveaway!  

I know I often complain about Jeans today.
They ride your Hips, don't cover your booty,
especially one as ample as mine and are always
tight in one place and too baggy in another. The
booty things is what drives me the most mad
though for I feel like my pants are always going
to fall down. Even dress pants are starting to
follow this trend and I feel like I am going out
of my mind. Step, step, step, Pull Up Pants,
step, step, Again With The Pants, Step, PANTS,
Step, step, Pull up (SCREAM) Pants! All day
long. My other problem is I mostly wear pants
and since I am wearing a 6 not a 4 after Rowan
most of my pants are new and therefore that
particular style since it is all I can find. So
as it stands I have a closet full of pants that
feel like they are going to fall off and every time
I walk more then 5 feet I look like an escapee of
a mental ward without his medication. Now a
belt does help me feel like my pants will stay
up or at least ease my mind for mentally I know
they are re-enforced and therefore less likely
to fall off, but who has the money to buy a
belt to match every pair of pants they own. Now
I know I could just buy a couple of belts and
make it match all the pants I own or even
just suck it up and deal with it for the odds of
my pants really falling down are just my imagination
and if these low ridding jeans really did have
the possibility to fall right off somewhere, someone,
would of had it happen and it would be all over
the news or TV or maybe some America's funniest
home videos. Or I could order an isABelt.
Since trying it for review I decided the last
option would be my best. The first thing I noticed
with isABelt was the inventor of them had pretty
close to the same issues as I did. Low Rise Jeans.
Unlike me she did something about it and thus isABelt
was created and now the rest of us can enjoy the fruits
of her labor. Thank goodness too for I am sick to death
of the tugging and a couple of days before the belt came
I actually broke a belt loop trying to get them over my
hips. Her belts are perfect for preventing slippage and
they are not the least bit bulky and also does away with
that loop of extra material you have when sitting down
or squatting where people can look right down your pants
and you might even have been approached about a job in
the Plumbing field. Better yet, nobody will even know you
have it on unless you are showing it off. Of coarse with me,
I have to show off everything to anyone who will stand still
for more then 30 seconds. I loved the belt I was sent and
for the first time since this crazy fad happened I have been
able to wear a pair of Jeans without constantly yanking on them.
Another thing I loved was I gave Andrew one for he has the
other fashion fad that needed to be put out of its misery when
it first hit the shelves. Those baggy jeans that are meant to
show the boys boxers. Now Andrew doesn't start out trying to
get pants like that but the problem is with his size the pants
that large are pretty much all like that. I have tried to get him
a smaller waist size and he ends up popping the button before
he has owned them for a week. isABelt allows him to keep them
up where they belong and not constantly slipping down. I can
almost forgive the person who invented the Low Rise Jeans for
now that I have the belt I no longer worry about them hitting
my ankles but the person who made those Jeans for the boys
just had a plain old twisted sense of humor. I don't know how
many times I have been at the store or walking the dog to the
park and saw a group of boys and it is almost second nature
for them to tug their pants up every few minutes. Like a round
robin but instead of the next person up singing the next person
up is yanking on their pants. How can teenagers think that is
cool? Unfortunately for my son he was drug into the craze with
Mom kicking and screaming. The cold hard truth of the matter
is if you want them to be long enough you are stuck with a
waist like that. I have bought him belt after belt but with his
belts style is not the issue, one that will last and is easy to
put on or take off is, for the Leather ones I bought him
snag and catch on the loops and are such a hassle my ever
so lazy teenager will just skip it all together. Yeah, yeah, that
has started more then one heated discussion at my house. My
point is he will spend less time threading the belt then he will
pulling up his Jeans and his is if he didn't have to be at school
so early he would not be so rushed. Teenage logic, you just
have to love it! isABelt is made from a smooth elastic and
glides through the loops and is a snap to put on. He has no
problem wearing the belt everyday for it meets his requirements
of 30 seconds or less and out the door. He is also a huge fan
of people not knowing it is even there for teen fashions are way
more complected then an adults and there is no way for me
to keep up with their fads and this way it doesn't matter what
the styles are it will go with them all.
I loved the belt for it is adjustable. Since having Rowan I
have been struggling to lose the last 15 pounds and this struggle
has turned into a mini yo yo weight loss and weight gain. Since
one belt is made to fit multiple sizes it is perfect for me. I also
realized while wearing, it also helped to have a belt be able to
expand and retract when you deal with that monthly bloat. With a
normal belt there is no give and little forgiveness and every month
for a couple of days my previous belts felt snug and uncomfortable
and sometimes just don't fit at all. No more! I am also happy that
belt comes in black also, for though I love the fact I can wear a
clear and not have to worry about it clashing with my outfit most
of my clothes are black to begin with and with the black belt I
can tuck in my shirt and the belt looks fantastic with its slim
and really fashionable design. For me that is a great selling point.
isABelt solved a ton of issues of mine and saved me the hassle
of cleaning up the bonfire I was going to set to burn all those
dang low rise Jeans.

isABelt doesn't just stop helping people keep their pants up
when they are wearing ones with belt loops. The owner and
designer also understood that even loop-less pants have issues
and created a tape that you can use with the belt that is
double sided to help keep the belt snug and secure and just where
you want it. I love wearing a belt over a long shirt but the problem
there is my odd shaped torso allows for a lot of slippage and
the isAStrips makes for the perfect solution to hold a belt. It is
two sided tape made just for your clothing that keeps that belt
in place. They also carry the itsABoottopper that helps you keep
those old or outdated boots a little bit longer. Don't dump them,
give them a new life with a topper. Think of it as Jewelry for
your boot and it comes in three style, the feather, beads and
gems. Perfect for a little lift to a dieing shoe! The isABelt itself
comes in your choice of styles with the wide, the Jr, the original
and the Breast Cancer Awareness Salute. Love all the gadgets
that isABelt has and just can decide, well they also have a
fashion fix it toolkit that has the whole lock, stock and smoking
hot fashions when you use their gear! The kit comes complete
with their whole product line in a handy dandy tool box that
tells your hubby you are now running with the big dogs, as
a bonus you are also getting a $35.00 dollar savings when
you order the whole menu like that! isABelt is perfect to
turn those fashions don'ts into fashion do's and revamp your
wardrobe all at the same time. I gotta say, I am thinking of
knocken that tool box John never used off his shelf and getting
me a brand new one from isABelt! That will teach him!
isABelt is also holding up the pants of one of my readers
for they are going to give one reader an Original isABelt in
their choice of the clear or of the black. To enter just head
over to the site and take a look around then come back here
and post what you need most! The contest will start tonight
and run to Midnight on April 22nd.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day every day and then posting that you did here
and other ways to enter are posted below.


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Picture I used on cards
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