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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dads Roast Review and Give away!  

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Scratch scratch.
Grumble grumble, SNIFF, grumble grumble. GRRRRRR.
Slam! ( lid down on the toilet for one of the guys must
have been the last one in here) GRRRRR. mumble mumble.
( Water running) Grumble, grrrrrrrrr. SIGH. Pound. Pound.
Pound. Grrrrrrrr.
Alight, I know you are all wondering what in the heck is
going on about now. I just thought I would share the first couple
of minutes of my day with you. Every Morning pretty much goes
the same way and this right here, this very unflattering play
by play is mild in comparison to how Johns would go. Sad
to say though, I can't post his with out using some pretty
colorful keys and I might have to pass out a chuck the
yuck bag or two! I think the best thing to do is move
on and just let you know we are Coffee people. Coffee
people in a big way. Now I have cut back over the years
for I used to be much worse. I am down to about only
3 or 4 pots a day. I used to be closer to 10 when I
was working. Worse then that was about at least one of
those pots would be considered Espresso since we had a
machine at work and I would drink about 6 doubles a day.
One Friday night I was so bad I was on the Expediting
line during the dinner rush. I was calling the orders so
fast my cooks were about ready to drop dead from a
heart attack and when I was not calling the orders I was
talking to whatever server who happened to be a within
distance. No servers, cooks in the weeds? No problem,
I would talk to the tables closest to the line about 10
feet away. Dinner rush on a Friday night starts at about
4:30 and runs to 8:30 PM and somewhere around 7 a
waitress whom I liked and trusted walked up to the line,
grabbed my Grande Starbucks Cup I had kept pouring
Coffee into, turned and dropped it right into the trash.
"Your done!" She said cheerily as she placed a glass
of water in its spot and the rest of the staff broke into
applause. So I knew I had a problem and had to cut back.
My ten pots went to 3 or 4. It isn't my fault really, I
will blame the first person who told me Coffee was a good
thing to drink if you want to lose weight. I was around 13
and rushed to get some and have been drinking it ever since.
Now I know the diet thing is a bunch of hogwash but Coffee
is a darn good drink and like all things if done in moderation
is really enjoyable. It is also not the Coffee's fault that
I drank so much. I don't want you guys to worry that if
you drink a cup you will soon need to be in a 12 step
program or you could end up in the big house for trying
to top off your carry out cup from Starbucks at Panara Bread
for you just need a fix man! I am just a drinker in general.
If I was not drinking Coffee I would be drinking soda, if
not soda, tea, if not that whatever the next item down the
list would be. I have always been that way. I feel like if I
do not always have something liquid in my hands I will
dehydrate and wither away at any given moment. The only
thing Coffee is responsible for is being the best tasting
beverage out of the list I just rambled on about. Unless
my Mother makes it I really don't think there is such a
thing as bad tasting Coffee, only degrees of good. I buy
cheap Coffee, I buy the good stuff, I buy just about
everything there is.
Now I do have my favorites. I used to be a swear by
Starbucks, then Caribou Coffee then for the last couple
of 5 years Dunkin Donuts. Though I am always looking
for a new trick to toss in my bag of treats. When I got
the chance to review Dad's Roast I first had to giggle for
who would of thought Dad could do anything better then
Mom. Sorry Dad's out there, it is just been my experience
that Dad's tend to mess things up so Mom's will never
ask them to do it again. Then I read a little bit about
them and I must admit, I liked what they said. Now I
may settle for any old Coffee out there. I can't help it,
I love the stuff, but that does not mean that I can't tell
the difference between one Coffee to the next. Is also does
not mean that I don't know when one brand is better then
another. If that were the case I would not be so found of
Dunkin Donuts for so long. I have tried fresh roasted
Coffee before and I know it is good, great, well even better
then that in fact and I would love to drink it each and every
time I had Coffee but the problem is it is expensive.
Really Expensive
I pay about $7.99 a pound right now and go through 2 or
3 a week. Now the last time I bought fresh roasted it was
$15.99 a pound and I am sure you can see the difference
there. I can take a couple of bucks more a pound, hey,
fresh is worth it, but twice the price? Ouch! So I am reading
on the Dad's site and see it is no where near as expensive
as the places I had seen before. Not even close. In fact you
can get it for less then 10 bucks a pound. So I am already
at fresh roast and stuck there and then inexpensive?
Hey, that I can handle! They also offer a large selection of
items to choose from. Dad's Roast has all the best
and also carry flavored blends and Espresso. One of the
coolest features on the site is you can order your own
personal custom blend. That's right folks, you pick the
bean or the beans and the flavor. That will do it, no
wait, there is more, pick the grind and the roast too!
So of you wanted to you could get a Mint, Sumatra in
a Turkish Grind and an Espresso Dark Roast. Now try
getting that any where else.
How does it taste?
Look, I got the Coffee last week and could have
turned the review in early. It is an easy review to
do for Coffee is pretty much a food product and not
a whole lot of research goes into the making of a food
product review, you either like it or you don't. There is
not a lot of pro's and con's to write about there so I
don't have to put the normal 10-15 hours into the review
I normally have to do. This could have been done over the
weekend even with the chaos I have went through lately.
Hour tops and I would have been done. Rowan needs
a nap, BAM, finished by the time she wakes up but
truthfully, I was too busy. I was drinking the Coffee. I
couldn't stop. Not even for the lousy hour it would have
taken to write the review. It is delicious. When they say
fresh they mean it. Even better, if you grind it yourself and
order the bean whole like I did. Now you have a fresh
bean cooked just for you and shipped out ASAP. They
sent me an email letting me know they were roasting my
blend on Friday, Saturday evening I was enjoying a cup.
Yeah, your right, they could have been faster. ( ROLLS
EYES) Speedy Gonzales has nothing on these guys.
So let's do a quick check list here:
Delicious Coffee
Super fast can you say I barely had time to blink delivery
Freshly Roasted to Order.
You pick all the details or your order

I am in love with Dad's Roast. My worst fear is this
stuff is so good I am going to be back up to 10 pots a
day because I can't help myself. I also kinda liked the
fact they have all sorts of information on the site so
you can educate yourself on Coffee. Health benefits even
so I can justify the fact I see 10 pots in my future.
How to store your Coffee so it will last longer as if you
have to with their delivery time but hey, you might be
moving to a shack in the middle of no where for a while
and have to stock up and take it with you. That would
be a good reason! There is just lots of fun facts and
things I didn't know and as I enjoyed a cup or four going
over all that information was fun! So my final word here
is this stuff is incredible and I can't get enough. I know
you guys will love it too even if you are not half the fiend
I am!
Another good way to try Coffee is to win it! Dad's Roast
is going to give one of my lucky readers a gift card for
2 bags so they can pick out their own blend and try it
them selves. To enter just head over to the site and
take a look around then come back here and post something
you have learned. The contest will start tonight and run to
Midnight on April 25th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day, every day, and then posting that you did here
and other ways to enter are posted below.

Dad's Roast!

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