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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gelpro Review and Giveaway!  

DO  you spend more time on your feet then anywhere
else? Work all day then come home and spend hours
cooking and cleaning and doing laundry. By the end
of the day are your feet screaming in protest? When
you spend so much time on your feet it isn't just
your feet that suffer it is your whole body. Your
feet and back may feel the brunt of the burden but
all of your muscles and bones are complaining as well,
just not as loud. Many people deal with this on a
regular basis and I was one of them. For the 20 something
years I worked I averaged around 60 hours a week and
most of those were spent on my feet. I had a bad back
going into it but those years also were kind enough to
reward me with heel spurs and trips to the Podiatrist.
I took every caution I could and bought the best shoes
I could and in later years even orthopedic, not very
attractive but so much better for my feet and I remember
some nights when I came home it was all I could do to
pry my shoes off my swollen feet and soak them in hot water
then crawl into bed praying for relief by the morning.
It is also not often I get a chance to bring you a product
review of an item I know so much about but if you spend
a lot of time standing and walking then you really need
to know about this next one and I am so happy to be able
to bring it too you.

For many years the Restaurant industry has used
Fatigue Mats behind bars and let me tell you they work.
At one point Oil was spilled all over ours and when
I say someone spilled oil on it I mean a vat of oil not
just a cup and they all had to be pulled out and soaked
in degreaser for the weekend to see if there was any
hope of saving them. Another little known fact, and I hope
this does not stop you from eating fried foods but oil eats
plastic if left to soak. To many competing chemicals and
restaurants in general are full of them. I used to go through a
pair of shoes per month due to the cleaning products from the
floors alone at work. Ewwwe! Any who weekends are busy and
we happened to be short staffed so I spent a lot of time back there
helping the bartenders. I never knew how much those mats
helped to I worked that weekend without them. Not only
were my feet the size of footballs I had blisters on
blisters and spent my entire day off with my feet elevated
and soaking in Epsom salt. The pain! Many times had I done
what I did that weekend and I have never had that problem
before. It was the mats. The old saying is true, you never
know what you have to it is gone. The fatigue mats not
only save your feet and back they give you more energy
for your body naturally has better posture and is not
working so hard to cushion your impact for the mat does
that job for you. Now the commercial mats are huge and
well, a little unattractive and I never thought of putting
one in my home. Since my back has been bad though I have
found myself wishing I had one several times for just standing
at the sink and doing dishes has often caused me great
discomfort. Cooking a large meal is even worse and on
the Holidays I literally had to break what I did down to
days and segments for I just could not stand that long.
As ugly as those mats are if you were to ask me if I wanted
one those days I would have screamed yes at the top of my
lungs and jumped up and down like a little kid when they
put it in! Most commercial mats passed up ugly long ago
and offer nothing in the way of style but when your feet
and back hurt who cares, you would wear a Tutu and combat
boots if it meant you would hurt less.
A couple of days ago I was flipping through some sites
and then had to hit rewind. Was that a fatigue mat? Correction,
was that a fatigue mat that looked good? Was that a mat that
not only looked good it was meant for home use? I can't believe
I was looking at it! For the first time in forever I was shocked
to see something from my job that I would enjoy having in
my home. Well, now that they made a few adjustments like adding
style. Gel Pro has taken those super ugly commercial fatigue mats
and made them super fashionable mats for home use and in sizes
that will fit every room. They are perfect for the kitchen,
bathroom and laundry room, or even Dad in his work area and
once you use one for a couple of days you will wonder how you
ever got by without them. The difference is drastic.
GelPro has several different sized floor mats as well as
seat cushions and place mats and a selection of colors and
patterns to match any home. Each Mat is specially designed to
help with back problems and foot problems by offering an cushion
and comforts you just can't get on a solid floor no matter how
good your shoes are. Their special core makes them the perfect
shock absorber and instead of your feet, legs and back taking
the impact the mat absorbs it. Something as simple as shuffling
your feet can put a strain on your body and while you do not
realize it as you do it often at the end of the day when you
get a chance to rest it all comes back to you at once. GelPros
mats eliminate those aches and pains at bedtime and allow you
to truly relax when you deserve it! Unlike the commercial mats
I used GelPro went for style and they redesigned the mats and
only used the better materials that are out there to accomplish
this feat. GelPro Mats are going to last forever and do not wear
out like your back and feet do. Why not let something else take
the impact off of your poor tired body! GelPro spent forever
developing something you will be proud to show off and still not loose
its purpose. They managed to keep all the benefits of a fatigue mat in
tack and still come up with a product that you would be proud
to have your mother in law see. Speaking of style, they have seven
different variety's and loads of colors to choose from and
add in all the different sizes and the combinations you can create
are endless. I am a simple kind of girl so for review I just picked
a basic black with the basket weave and let me tell you I love
it. It goes perfect with my kitchen and my black and silver decor'
and no more standing at the sink cleaning out 42 zillion baby bottles
to only have to hobble away because of my aching feet and back.
The bathroom and the Laundry area will be my next venture and I
would love to upgrade the GelPro mat in the kitchen to a larger
one for with as much cooking as I do it would be a dream to have my
whole floor covered. One more cool thing is right now they have
a special going on where is your order one of their Designer mats
they are going to send you a 18x24 spot mat for free. That is a 70
dollar value and now you can do two rooms for the price of one.
I can't stop thinking about how much money in Bengay I will save alone
if I hit up the kitchen and bath! GelPro is just one of those places
that you can't go wrong with, good prices, awesome styles and
they manufacture a product that is great for you too! Next time you
spend a whole day in the kitchen, go out and dance, don't spend your
evening soaking your feet!
GelPro is great to my readers to. The are going to give one of
you a spot mat in your choice of color and design. To enter just head
over to their site and take a look around then come back here and
post what you learned or what mat you like best! The contest will
start tonight and run to midnight on April 23rd.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day each day and then posting that you did here
and other ways to enter are posted below.


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Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or Twitter
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please post 3 times.

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4. Blog about this contest somewhere else
and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

5. Join GelPro's mailing list. 5 entries, please
post 5 times!

Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Mommy Tool Box and Port a Pong Contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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