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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Radius Toothbrush Review and Giveaway!  

Rowan now has four teeth that are fully in
and 3 more on the way. 3 weeks ago she was a
total gummy baby and 2 weeks ago the first one
broke the skin. The other three showed up on the
scene with in the next couple of days. I swear I
have never seen a Baby pop so many teeth up in
such a short period of time. Andrew got his first
around this time but after that tooth he got one,
maybe two in a month tops. Not little Miss thing though,
everything she does has to be NOW from the second
she came into this world. Heck, Rowan even came
into the world fast. With Andrew I had hard labor
for a good 6 hours and when I say hard I mean like
full on one more push will do it those lying doctors
and their fairy tales. Since when does one more push
last 6 hours. Rowan on the other hand was born so
fast she had a bruise on her for head from hitting
my tailbone on the way out the door. She sat on her
own fast, she stood fast, she rolled over and babbled
and every other baby mile stone there is super fast.
She started drooling like a faucet from the time she
was a little over a month and I for sure thought she
was going to get her first tooth early. Little did
I know she was going to save them all up for a group
appearance. She looks super cute now with a mouth full
of chompers but that week before the first one broke the
skin was just about one of the longest in my whole life.
I held that little rigid girl kicking and screaming for
7 solid days of tears and teething tablets and Ora-gel
and paced the floors and sang off key and pretty much
wanted to cry with her. Either she had the teething Woes
bad or the fact I am now in my forty's made her teething
just as hard on me as it was on her. But they are here,
all pretty and sweet. There is something about children's
little tiny square baby teeth that makes you go aweeeeee!
We have made it too the first gap tooth grin and next stop
will be waving goodbye to these little guys she worked so
hard for and sending them off to the tooth fairy. For now
they are hers and she did a good job.
So now Rowan needs a toothbrush. Now what to get?
Just like everything else in the baby world so much had changed
from the time Andrew was a baby to Rowan. With Andrew my
choices for a toothbrush for a little tyke were do I want a Blue
handle or a Pink one? Now they have bells and whistles and
gadgets and gold covered bristles. Okay, I was joking with the
bristles thing but it rhymed. I can't even remember the kind off
tooth brush Andrew had though for they just weren't that big of
a deal. Electric ones were out but they cost and arm and a leg
and only adults had them. Now you can buy those electric jobs
for 12 bucks that are just about disposable. I tell you, as much
as battery's cost it almost is cheaper to buy another one then to
replace a battery. Now if memory serves, mind you it gets pretty
fuzzy now a days, but if it serves, back then all kids brushes were
soft. Now you even have a choice there. In fact, instead of my Blue
or Pink, I can now choose the color, manual or electric, the bristle,
if it is good for back teeth or if it has a roof of your mouth job and
so many other things I almost long for my Pink or Blue back. I just
didn't know where to start so I thought I would call on some of my
younger friends and ask them. Lucky for me where I live I had a
good slice of the generation gap. For Moms with kids at home it
was kinda like the three bears. There was the far end from me a Mom
with real young girls, then the boys in the middle and down at my
end I would have to say we were Papa bear for Johns daughter was
the youngest at 13 followed by my son at 16 then we had 20 and
25. A pretty far stretch from the one year old on the far end. If
I had a question about younger kids all I had to do was walk down
the block to I got to the age I needed. This Baby's too big, this
Baby's not much better and this one is just right.
"Excuse me neighbor I only wave to, how did you pick your
daughters toothbrush out?"

BLINK BLINK "excuse me?"

" I said, How did you know what kind of toothbrush to buy for
your child."
So that approach really didn't get me any answers though I did
notice when I am outside the same time as them they rush the
kids back in the house fast as they can. I am starting to wonder
if I should be offended but I still needed answers so I hit the net
because what ever question I ask it the net never whispers to
its friends when it sees me and makes concerned faces like I am
off my rocker. My google search of good + toothbrush turned up
a load of the big old same old, same old, places who pay big
money to pop up at the top of a search engine and with all
their advertising we have been spoon fed for years to think
they were what it is all about.
But are they really that good?
I briefly pondered taking my quest to the streets and doing my
own version of the census. Hey, I have more then one question
on my mind. But after my little let's ask the neighbor thing went
bust I could pretty much see shackles in my future if I did that
in public and to complete strangers. Now my neighbors may think
I am weird now but before they thought I was sorta, well, yeah,
they thought I was weird then too but at least they didn't think I
was so crazy I did things like talk to field mice and build furniture
out of Banquet TV dinner boxes weird. Just a little different kind of
weird. If I took that chance on a City street with people that don't
know I am harmless for all intensive purposes I could get in a bit
of trouble so I needed a better way. I decided forums. They have
a forum for everything and I found more then one on dentistry and
toothbrushes. What I did was ask two sets of question. What do
you look for when picking out a child's toothbrush and what are
your favorite brands of toothbrush. For the first part of my
question the top five answers I got were;
1. Soft
2. Safe
3. Easy to handle
4. made for a baby's mouth
5. Affordable
Okay, duh! Now I do feel like a dork, these were all common
sense answers and I most likely could have skipped them. I will
say though it did make me feel a little better for now that I have
got my neighbors wondering if I will end up being a crazy Cat lady
I started to question my own sanity. It was nice to know I at least
still thought about the same things normal people did.
The other answer I got for part two were;
1. Oral B
2. Radius
3. Sonic Care
4. Phillips
5. TriFinity
Now wait a minute. I have heard of Oral B, Sonic Care and Phillips
for those are the big dogs, WOOF! The ones on the top of the
search engines with tons of advertising dollars to make sure we suck
up the hype if it is true or not. But I have not heard of the other
two. Hummmmmmmm, I love to learn about some new things here.
I contacted Radius and got a chance to do a review. They sent
me a little bit of everything. Perfect timing too for they got here right
when her first tooth was starting to break through so I held off on
my review a little for I wanted her gums to heal a tad. While I
was waiting I went and tried the other brush they sent. The first thing
I noticed is the brushes are made for your hands. Interesting. Now
when I say that I don't mean they are just comfy brushes I mean
they are really made for a left or right handed person. It allows for
a better grip and control. Who would of thunk? They also have this
big head to make sure your pearly whites are getting a good buffing.
Another thing, well two things, I liked are the fact they last longer
and are affordable too. Um, money, hey, if I can save that and get
a better product. More power to me! They also have this really
high bristle count and along with that big head they got my
teeth really clean but the part I loved is normally I have bad gums
and since I already have bad teeth I seldom enjoy brushing my
teeth, in fact it is the three times during the day I dread. My gums
bleed something fierce and with the Radius Toothbrush they
didn't. I was wondering why, for in my whole life I had never
used a toothbrush that didn't. Seriously, for me bleeding gums
was just a fact of life and I was shocked so I read their site and
it seems that big head I liked is the trick. It distributes the weight
better and without so much pressure in one spot and with all those
bristles it is still getting your teeth super clean. LOVED IT!
What else I loved and normally this would be the first thing I
raved about but this one time I let my poor gums take some
presidents, is the styles and colors. Not only do they offer some
of the coolest colors out there those brushes are made from trees
and are a 100 percent renewable plastic. Delicious! Oh, and there
is also that ADA thing. Those Dentist guys say they are pretty
darn cool too! So I am hooked on the Adult brush and
can now see why it made a top 5 list. I was impressed!
Now for Rowan. It took me a while to convince her to
let me brush her teeth. First she just wanted to play with
it. Though she has broke the gums and the worst of her
teething is over she still likes to chew on everything and will for
a while so I had to sit there and show her look, Mommy does
hers and now Rowan, UGH! Again, Mommy does hers and now
Rowan, AHH, one more time. Well you get the picture. Lucky for
me Rowan is a super fast learner. Did I tell you guys she can
play Peek-A-Boo. Not where I hide and appear and hide again, and
she giggles uncontrollably. This little seven month old baby covers
her own face and then re-appears for me and I get to giggle.
Can you believe that? I don't remember Andrew doing that to he
was like 2. Any ways, I got her to let me do it. No easy feat for
she also is determined to do things herself. She caved, I did a
happy dance and we started. I was really careful for I was very
worried that her gums would still be sore. If they were I had not one
peep out of her and now if I do my teeth in the bathroom and
she is with me we have to do hers. She insists. Now it would
be nice if I could tell you that brush made her teeth super
white and shiny but come on, they are new, it isn't like they
have had a chance to get worn and dirty so I won't make such
a silly claim but what I will tell you is it did not hurt her, fit very
easy into her mouth and was easy to maneuver. In fact this Totz
line for older kids is just as easy for I made my son try it.
Now the funny part there and don't tell him I told you, is instead
of using his fancy job that costs a fortune he is using that still
for it is so soft and still gets his teeth done right. I feel bad for
the boy that he has my teeth but at least now he has a brush that
works for him!

Radius has a full line of brushes and all have the same
excellent standards and designs and they even have an Intelligent
brush that lets you know when you have brushed long enough
and when you should check for wear. For that one you just
replace the heads and the handle last forever to save you some
cash! There is also a Scuba with a flexible head so you
can get your whole mouth and not just you teeth. Talk about
fresh! Need more? Well they have floss and travel cases and
have you covered in every way they can. In fact after my review
and all I learned I think they should be number one on the
list, mega advertising budget or not. Before I had not heard of them,
now I don't know how I lived without them. I have to say I never
thought I would get excited about a toothbrush but I did. Tomorrow
I am going to tell my neighbors!

Radius is going to let some readers find out for themselves
how good they are. 3 of my readers are going to win a brush.
Either the Kidz, Totz and Pure Baby. To enter just head over to
the site and look around then come back here and post what you
thought was the best brush or feature and what one of the three
you would pick. The contest will start tonight and run to midnight
on April 20th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day every day and then posting that you did here
and other ways to enter are posted below.

Radius Toothbrush

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Picture I used on cards
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