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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Enstrom's Review and Giveaway!  

Hey guys and gals, now normally I tell you guys
a little story or offer some background that helps you
to understand my previous experience with a product.
If I have never tried it before I tell you why I wanted
to and if I did I tell you what I thought the pros and
con's were. With this review I am going to skip all that.
For starters it is Toffee and I am not a fan of Toffee.
It isn't that I hate it for I don't it is just that I am not
huge on it. For starters it hurts my teeth. It is hard and
well, just too hard and I avoid it like I do hard candy for
the same reasons. It is also sweet. I mean too sweet. At
least the brands I had tried before were. When a person
offered it to me I would take a little piece to be polite and
suck on it as opposed to biting it for something that hard
AND that sweet was sure to play havoc with my already
delicate teeth. Now I can tell if I like the taste with just
a little piece and yes, I do like the taste of it but I just
can't get past the whole sugar explosion and tooth pain so
once I have that little taste I say thank you and try to
forget. Once in a while I had had some that was better then
just good and I have even went so far as to contemplate if
it was worth the dental anguish I was sure to go through later
and to this point in my life I have not tasted a Toffee good
enough to make me cave. So I thought this review would be
just the facts, yum tastes good and they have this too. I had
even asked my Mother to help me out for she is a Toffee nut
unlike me and bad teeth or not she can't help herself. She has
more of a sweet tooth then I do though. So my review was
supposed to be a highlight of the company and I like the
Toffee and my Mother says it is fantastic. The box comes and
I open it and noticed it looked a little different. Powdered sugar
was sprinkled on it and I thought, "Yikes, even more sweet, my
teeth will hate me!" First thought in my mind, lets get this
over with and I will give my Mom the rest.
I picked off a corner piece that didn't look too big
but would still afford me a good sample so I would know if
it was thumbs up or thumbs down. Put it in my mouth and
bit down. First thing I noticed was it is not nearly as hard
as other Toffees I have tried. It was almost soft.
"Oh my Gawwwwwwwwwdddd!"
Andrew comes running up the stairs. "What, what happened?"
"Nothing." Munch, munch, on second piece now. "Go back
to your room." Munch, Munch."
"Ah, Okay. What are you eating?"
"Nothing," Munch, munch, I turned so my back was towards
"No, really Mom. What is it." He asked as he tried to get back
in front of me.
"NOTHING!" (3rd Piece) Munch, Munch. " Can't I have any
"Geez, fine. I only wanted to try. You have a whole box
of nothing there. But if you are going to be selfish about it."
"Your right, Andrew, I only have one box of it. If I had more
I would share!"
"Mom, what would you say if I acted like that?"
GUILT. The boy was right. If the shoe was on the other
foot I would give him the whole if you don't have enough for
everyone don't eat it speech. Some lines about sharing and
all sorts of other hoopla I regretted saying about then. As I was
mulling it over the phone started to ring and I handed him the
box and an evil glare so he knew not to take too much.
I picked up the phone and it was my Mother.
"Hi Mom."
"This is Toffee? This stuff is killer!"
Oh no, now my Mom knows.
"Toffee? Where did you get Toffee?" Andrew was standing there
munching away on my Toffee. I was a little stressed for I couldn't even
make him stop without making a scene and if I did my Mother would
know just how good it was.
"Yeah Mom, there isn't much left though."
"You better save me some!"
I don't think there will be enough, they didn't send but a little
"No they didn't Mom, they sent this here box. This is at least
a pound maybe more."
"You ate a whole pound of Toffee Michelle?"
NO Mom, I mean yes, NO, I don't know! Gezz, Thanks
Andrew." I said as I pried the box out of his big mouthed
"You had better save me some Michelle!"
"Yeah Mom." I gave Andrew another evil glare as
he went for the box.
The Moral of the story is this is not Toffee this is ambrosia!
Food of the Gods!
I, a person who only mildly liked Toffee and one who would never
go out of her way to get some, heck, unless it was chocolate
I really didn't care for sweets anyways. Okay, chocolate and
those Marshmallow Ice cream Cone candy things but that was
it for me. Now I was hooked and forced to share with not only
one person but two and I had never been so happy John was
out of town and I HAD TO SHARE! Thanks to my son who
again tried to touch my box of Toffee. So the pro and the cons
here are:
Pro-This is the best Toffee you have ever had in your entire
life. Okay, maybe that isn't the right way to put it. Here is
a better way, THIS is the BEST CANDY I have ever had in
my entire life. This stuff passed up Delicious at the starting
gate and I could not stop eating it. I had to force myself to
put a small piece away for my Mother or it would not be
there for her and I still do not have to see her for another 12
hours so I can't even promise it will be there then. It is
truly that good. Now the Almonds Rock in it and I do love
them but I love Almonds anyways. It is the Toffee itself. It is
smooth and buttery and just hard enough but still soft and not
chewy at all. It didn't even hurt my teeth. I felt like my brain
and taste buds had a 1 on 1 with the teeth and said, "hey buddy,
you make one complaint the candy will be out of here so keep
your yap shut if you know what is good for you." Now the
teeth listened for they know the brain and taste-buds could do
some pretty nasty things if they wanted too. I hope that is
enough pros for you because honestly I would rather be eating
the Toffee instead of telling you about it. The stuff is............
Cons- Your whole family will be at each others throats and
fighting over the dang stuff so make sure to get enough and
you will also find you will eat the whole box if left with it
for more then a couple of minutes and though I am terrified to
check the calories on this stuff I know it has to be high for anything
that rich and delectable has to be up there in the stratosphere.
I really didn't care though, diet or not, for I thought with all
the ducking a weaving I was doing trying to make off with the
box burned enough calories. Another Con is you will find yourself
lying to your family and saying it is gone when you are
secretly stashing some away. Not for long though for the
piece I hid was all I could think about to it was gone and now
all I can think about is I never told my Mother just how big the
piece I put aside is and I could eat some of that and she would
never know.
This stuff is the best I have ever had and now I am anxious
to try the rest of their stuff. Enstrom's also has Chocolates,
Caramels and Popcorn WITH THIS TOFFEE ON IT! and all sorts
of other items. They also have mint melt-aways my all time favorite
way to eat chocolate and Truffles, my next favorite way. These guys
have been making their Toffee for 3 generations and felt they
finally perfected it in 1960 and if I had known it has been around
that long I would have been knee deep in it before now. They put
a lot of love into their Toffee and it shows and they keep this
a family tradition. I am now working on a way to get Andrew
married off to someone in their family for I need to get a better
connection here. The have gift packs and collections and loads of
ways to order your candy and have been shipped around the
world and I think if you put what I just ate a ton of today next
to any other confection they would blow them out of the water.
Even Godiva would get back on her horse and run for the hills.
They even have sugar free but I will be darned if I am ever going
to eat anything but this Toffee. Okay, I will eat the rest of the
stuff they make but just in case I will have some Toffee on
stand bye so I can cleanse my pallet with some yummy
goodness in between bites. For Mothers Day my wish is to
lay in a vat of this stuff and eat my way out. I know I will
be as big as a house by then but hey, I still have a lot
of maternity clothes around here so I will muddle through.
YES folks it is that good!
Don't believe me? You can try for yourself. Enstrom's is
going to let one of my readers get the same yummy box as
I got. All you have to do is to go to their site and take a look
around and then come back here and post what you think will
be your favorite item in a comment. Then when the winner gets
their box they are welcome to taste a piece then send the rest
to me! Okay, it is all there but a piece would be nice!! I did
go through the agony of sampling it first for you to make sure
it was alright! Okay, fine, eat it all! Gezzz! The contest is
going to start tonight and run to Midnight on April 23rd.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day every day and then posting that you did here
and other ways to enter are posted below.


Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or Twitter
and post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Tweet about my blog and post the link
here. 5 entries, please post five times.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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post five times.

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