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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lumnique Review!  

I never was a Candle person to I started my life as a Product
reviewer. It is one of the parts of my job I truly love. I get to
discover items I missed out on for most of my life. Candles in
general are a wonderful way to add warmth to your home and no pun
intended there guys. Not only do they add depth to you home
they just make a relaxing atmosphere. The flicker is hypnotizing
and engrossing and you find yourself just kicking back and shrugging
off everything that annoyed you before. I don't know how I spent
so much of my life without them around and now I just don't think
I could do without them. I Mean really, think of the benefits

A candle is lovely decor for any style. If on the cheap or
all out lavish, you can find a candle for every taste and
every style that dresses up your room and hints at your style
in a subtle way. A must have for those starting out and
looking to decorate for they will look great all by themselves
and blend into every environment later on so you will never
have to worry about a candle clashing, they are meant to.

They are great for fragrance. Loads of candles have
fragrance and when they burn they fill the whole house
with the aroma you have chosen. It is a simple way
to breath fresh air into a stale house and great for

They are romantic. Um, no romantic dinner is complete
without a candle. Blasphemy! Not to forget bathtubs
and bedrooms and hey, isn't everything romantic when you
add a candle? Well, almost I can add a bevy of them to
Rowans diaper pail and that still isn't!

Perfect for emergency's. You know you need um in case
the lights go out! I have a whole box of them for
after that brown out we just couldn't afford to keep
everything in batteries for the thing went on for like
a week

They make a perfect gift. Face it, you just cant go wrong with
a candle. It doesn't matter their taste or style you can find
a candle that will blend with any situation. I do not know
a single person that would say, "EWE, you got me a candle?
How disgusting!" and I also do not know anyone that would
even consider re-gifting a candle. There are so many uses for
them other then for decor that you just don't let go of those
suckers! If you can get one that is stunning and personalized,
all the better!
So when I saw Lumnique in a magazine I had to find out
more and I hunted them down. Now these guys were a dream
to work with! From the get go they were the sweetest and most
kind people I have met. They were delighted to have a product
review and with products like theirs I can understand why. I
mean really, who wouldn't love to get one of these! Basically
what the Lumnique candle is would be a high quality candle
that is simplistic and perfect just like it is. Are they happy
with that? Nooooooooo, they make it better. They took this
top of the line candle and added an extra wick. That offers
people a cleaner burn with less soot. Cool! It also is more
efficient and of coarse offers double the ambiance!
Lumnique hand pours their candle to order. So instead
of buying a warehouse item that has been sitting around
gathering dust to you call up and order one, they wait to
they get that call then hustle their bustle and off they go
to pour you a fantastic work or art! The also use a clean
burning soy wax so add that with the double cotton wick
and you are really rock-en there and not only do they use
environmentally friendly dies they use natural essence oils for
the fragrance that holds its smell from start to the lights
go off! The only thing that is the same from candle to
candle is the thick rectangular glass jar and the matching
lid. After that every single thing is done according to your
specifications. The color and the aroma are hand picked

then Lumnique writes up a certificate that tells the recipient

just how special that candle is and how it was poured and

made just for them. Everything goes into a gorgeous box

with a really neat pack of matches and sent right to the

special person who is getting this treasure. Now I didn't

get a certificate from a loved one, but the people over at

Lumnique must have felt bad for me because they sent

a nice little note none the less. I am really loven this

candle though but I have got to tell you it is heavy. I

could not get over the weight of it for its size. It is the

glass that makes it like that for the jar they place the

candle in is beautiful all on its own and though I shed

a tear when the candle was gone I will keep that jar

forever! In fact I am planning on keeping the box forever

too for it is really awesome on its own. It is really

durable and would make for a great memento box.
I didn't think about this until I was actually writing the review
but just about everything you get when you order a Lumnique
would make a good gift all on its own. I was very impressed
if you can't tell. The only thing that bum's me out is now
I need another for in the name of review I burned it every
single day for 2 hours for this review to see how long it
would last. The candle from Lumnique has lasted almost

20 days! Now that is a shelf life. Now I can't promise you
that yours will last that long but I just wanted to see myself!
My final review of Lumnique is that they provide a beautiful,
thoughtful gift or something even for you and each one is
as unique as the person who orders it. The only thing that
all the candles have in common is the fact they will most
assuredly bring a smile to the face of whomever receives
it! Stunning! I know what I want for Mothers Day!


Check out Lumnique on our Easter Gift Guide!
They make a fantastic Gift for any occasion!

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Picture I used on cards
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