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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vemayca Cosmetic Bag Review and Giveaway!  

I have had the chance to review a lot of different
brands of make-up since last fall. It has been like
a bonanza of make-up since I started this Mineral make-up,
whats that big deal kick. I am delighted that I can now tell
the difference between good and bad and have found some
spectacular brands and I am really grateful to the places that
have given me that chance to learn about their products.
But now what? I have some great stuff and no where to
put it. Well, no where I would want to put it. I have my
favorites and would love to be able to toss them in my
purse and take them with me. I am on the go so much
right now that I pretty much need too but I run into two
issues there. One is I don't have a bag at the moment
that affords me enough room and the other is I don't have
a bag at the moment that I would not be Thoroughly embarrassed
to use in public. Yuck and Yikes, I have so dropped the
ball in that area and I am normally so careful when it comes
to what I wear and how I look. I am also enough of a
fashion maven to know that your accessory's and details
can also tell the world what you are about and if I whip
out any of the sloppy bags I have right now I would feel
like a lazy bum and a fool at that. Lucky, and boy
once you see this beauty you will know how lucky I
am, I got the chance to review a bag that would make
the stars shine a little brighter for it is stunning!
The Vemayca Cosmetic bag is a work of art when you
compare it to other bags. This has got to be the softest
bag I have ever felt and I swear I could not help but to rub it
against my face. The bag is simple in design but complex
in beauty. There is the large center pouch and on each side
a working pocket that is opened and closed by a zipper that
looks delicate but in truth is durable and the zipper itself
is of a great quality for I opened and closed this baby
like a woman possessed for a pet peeve of mine is running
across a zipper that does not work. The side pockets
are lined with a satin lining but the center pocket is the
masterpiece for it contains a unique removable Soft Pearl
Liner that when dirty can be taken out for cleaning or
replaced completely. Hey, this bag will never look worn,
never look old and will always provide you with the
same glamorous feel you had the first time you took it
out and used it! The lining is made to be light so you
have no problem locating the items inside as well as
coming with flat bottom that is as equally useful for
there is nothing I hate more then setting it on a counter
in a bathroom when I am out and having it tip and chasing
a lipstick all over a strange bathroom floor! The flat bottom
assures it will stand up-right and is a snap to use! I took
this out for a test run and did just that, set it on a counter
at the restaurant I was at. We were at a busy place where
women line up to vie for the mirror and I left that restroom
in a daze from all the complements I received. There is nothing
a lady likes more then when another lady asks where
a certain item came from.
The Cosmetic bag that Vemayca makes need not only
be limited to a cosmetic bag either. You can use it for
a multitude of reasons such as or travel or keeping prescriptions
or certain baby items you don't want lost in the normal chaos
of a diaper bag mix. Put your dedicates in it for I can't think
of something better to store your softest most delicate items
in then something as soft and delicate feeling as this
bag. You can use it for the Beach, or school or to
keep craft items in or I have been using it to store some
of my favorite pieces of Jewelry. The bag is as flexible as
it is beautiful. The designer Veronica is just one of those
ladies who likes style in every part of her life and loves
for it to be affordable for the masses and was just fed up
one day with the bottom of her bag and the thought of having
to replace one again. She did us all a favor by coming
up with the design for the Vemayca for it is truly lovey
and a sight to behold on its own. Now I have a lot of
bags, they are all full and they all came from some pretty
high end name brand places but none of them compete with
this bag and if someone told me that for a fraction of what
I paid for them I could have had this I would never have
believed it to I saw for myself. The other thing, all these
bags that I have that I have paid through the roof to get,
well I have taken them places, people have seen them,
it isn't like I kept them in the dark and never have I received
a complement on my cosmetic bag. Ever. With the bag I
received from Vemayca I not only had one complement I
had several and not only the one time but every time
I have used it in public. Even last week in a doctors office
I received a complement. In fact to date I have not taken it
out in front of people and not had someone tell me how
much they admired it! Beauty, style, functionality and
affordability all come together in a Vemayca cosmetics
bag. You will love it!
One of my readers will get a chance to fall in love
with it first hand! One lucky guy or gal can walk away
with one of these beauty's and all they have to do is
visit the site and take a look around and then come back
here and post what they have learned in a comment. The
contest will start tonight and run to Midnight on April 30th
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
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Picture I used on cards
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