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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aminals Review!  

There are certain things going on in your
child's life you have no control over no matter how
tight your grip may be. The things in your children's
life we can't charge we need to accept as apart
of their life for there is no point stressing over
something that is out of your hands. Even the most
well intentioned parents have to go through this rationalization
for no matter how much you read or research a subject
of how many safety items you buy or early education
programs or toys that have bells and whistles and
do pretty much everything but pat your child on the
back and go, "Nice little Baby there, you are the best."
No matter how much advice you receive you still will
never be able to plan out your child's life, choose
who or what they Love or stop them from growing

Let's talk about things they Love real fast. It
is easy to see Rowan Loves her Mommy and
Daddy and worships her Brother and the Dog has
went from being my sons Dog to my Baby to
now being completely devoted to Rowan. This same
Dog I worried so desperately over the fact that she
was totally attached to me that once Rowan got
here she would be jealous and not want anything
to do with her. I was even worried she would be
mean to the baby and though in my heart I knew
Boo would never hurt Rowan I thought she might
take out her frustration by destroying Rowan
belongings or trashing her room. Well that is a
concern I worried about for nothing. This same
Dog that only last year I had to chase around
the house and drag all 12 pounds of kicking,
squirming and sometimes growling fluff into the
bathroom for a bath and is now so devoted to
Rowan that she has to crawl into not only bed
with Rowan but the bathroom as well. For five years
she has only went as far as the doorway by
herself for me. Never once has she crossed
the threshold into the room of the bath but now that
Rowan is here she not only goes into the bathroom
she climbs up onto the rail of the tub and lays
there so she can make sure Rowan is okay while
she is in there. Feet and paws have even went
in the water and I am positive that come Summer
time Boo will be in the tub with that little girl and
my new problems will no longer be getting her in
the tub but getting them both out. Just as Rowan
and Boo have chosen their loyalty and Love for
each other Rowan has been busy developing her
taste and Love of other things as well. She has
chosen foods she eats while ignoring other ones
completely and has also picked toys she loves and
tossed others to the curb. Those expensive ones
I bought with all the educational value and lights
and bells and gadgets and Gizmo's has been abandoned
for simple items such as a couple of dolls and a
stuffed animal or two and a box filled with little
plastic boxes. Nothing I have given her that I
was 100 percent sure she would love to have
for the multitude of commercials and books and
magazines I have read told me she would go
crazy for has made the final cut. The toy I am
going to tell you about now I received as a review
item and if you were to look at it you would
never imagine how much a little girl can Love it.
It doesn't look like any doll you have ever
seen before. It barely looks like a doll at all. When
I saw it I thought it was cute but like Novelty cute.
I never imagined in a million years this would be Rowans
all time favorite Doll. That she would carry this Doll
everywhere she went and not be able to sleep without
it. I never thought she would go so far as to rip it
out of my hands if I touched it without her knowing
or even handing it to me. Why? Why is this doll so
special? Honestly I still don't get it. It has no pretty
hair to braid or play with. In fact it has no hair at
all. There are no girly clothes to change and you can
not dress her in one item or another for just like the hair
she is lacking clothes altogether. So if it isn't really a Doll
is it a stuffed Animal? Nae, I wouldn't go there either
for it lacks fur and isn't really a soft cuddly type deal
either. The item I am referring to is called an Aminal
Doll. To me, looking at it, I am reminded of my
7th grade Home Ec product where you had to sew a
pillow and it never turned out like it was supposed to.
The other thing it reminds me of is early art work of
mine. Take the two and put them together and that would
be what I am reminded of the most. Aminal Dolls are a
completely organic doll that comes in either a human form
or that of an Animal. Neither are an exact copy of either
for they look like a kindergartner made them. There in lays
the charm. I also believe that is why Rowan loves hers

Now I am not implying for a second that just because
they look like a 4 year old invented them that they are
constructed in the same fashion for I assure you that
these are put together extremely well. This little girl drags
it everywhere and I do not use the word drag as a metaphor,
I mean she drags it everywhere. Since her main mode of
transportation is crawling her Baby is drug behind her almost
everywhere she goes. It has also been drug around by the
dog, tossed in the wash repeatedly and drooled on, spilled
on, sticky baby I have no idea what the goo is and
tugged, pulled and shook-en and holds up like it is made
of a super alloy. It is the toughest baby in the world. The
whole thing is completely Organic as well and the material
itself is rugged and tough. Like I said, not really very dollish.
But boy does Rowan love her baby who ironically enough
is referred to as the Momey Doll and not a baby at all.
I believe that a genius created this doll. A true genius who
was able to sink to the level of a small child and see the
world through their eyes. That is exactly what this doll
looks like. What a child would make had they they ability
to create their own. The creator of the aminals line must
have taken a look at their own child's artwork and rendering
of their family and brought them into a 3 dimensional world.
Memories of a trip to the Zoo or an old nature channel
show are now stuffed and portable and ready to go. If
you want to see your child's face light up as bright as
the Sun in the sky hand one of these guys to them
and sit back and watch. Apply some sunscreen, you are
going to need it. I don't think I have seen a child under
5 not break out into an all out grin yet. Now this was
a review I was happy to do and Rowan hasn't been the same
since. Every night when we go to bed she now needs three
things, her Music player, her Violate from Leapster and her
momey doll from Aminals!


What next?

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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