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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Softlips Review and Giveaway!  

Okay, let me be real here for a minute. I
love the first snow fall of the year. Even more
so when it is those light, fluffy flakes that drizzle
down from the sky and almost lay down on the
ground, silently blanketing the last inkling of green
trying to hold onto your front lawn. Even more then
that I love when that entire spectacle happens on
Christmas Eve and you wake to find a pure white
unblemished sheath flowing over your neighborhood
with its willowy white presence.

SO pretty. The only thing better than that scene is
when the neighbor down the block, the real crabby
one that the kids all have urban legends about
comes down at first light and shovels your walks
and does it in such a perfect way the snow looks
as if they was how it was meant to be. It is a dream
and makes for a story book start to a child's
Christmas Morning. As a kid I didn't even mind the
snows that followed. The occasional snow day off
from school and the drifts so high you can burro
and add and have a snow fort that rivals a kings
castle before you are called in for lunch. I held
onto that feeling to I was in about 6th grade. Then
it slowly started to fade. It started with the slush
that followed and ruined my shoes and a few years
later annoyed me when I had to shovel off my car
or hey, in Michigan sometimes it is dig out my car.
Then Pumping gas in sub zero temperatures with a wind
chill of -4,072 blowing over your already frozen face.
A few more years and you are in your own place and
the air is to dry, it eats your sinuses and cracks your
lips and you are filling a humidifier over and over again
to your back aches and you are bent over in pain and
you still have to go out and shovel that dang junk that
must be 3 feet tall by now off your driveway to get out
and make it to a job where everyone else shows
up late and leaves you with all their work for the
traffic was too bad due to the weather. Yeah, it
was pretty a zillion years ago. Now it is a pain in
the behind!
The worst part is my skin and lips. The protest
the fact I have not migrated to a warmer climate over
and over again. I live slathered in Skin Lotion and
Chap stick and still I can barely keep up! Another
thing, about 5 years ago, I grew darn tired of Chap stick
and its waxy feel. The stunning array of flavors, you
know, cherry and regular, also started to get on my
nerves. I started to branch out and try new things.
Face it, I live in Michigan and I need a balm or
ointment if I want to be able to stand my own
lips and I need to find something I can tolerate and
feel good about. The fact I am suffering through
another Winter has already put me in a foul mood
so you would think that I could at least find a lip
Balm or Lotion that would brighten me up a little.
Now,not too long ago I did a review for
Yu-Be and after almost 41 years I finally found
something that can help my elbows and feet and
hands and keep them from being cracked and
end up drying out to the point of bleeding like
my poor son. Yu-Be saved us on that point
and hey, their Balm works great for real chapped
lips like my sons but I want something that also
makes me feel pretty and good about myself and
I want to drop the Balm taste along with the first
snowfall. Now I have found a way to deal with that
and found it a few years ago actually, but I was
surprised to hear from them and have a chance to
do a review of their new Flavors. The balm I am
talking about comes in a jackpot of flavors and
scents and even a little bit of color. This Balm
is so cool that it even cares enough to protect my
lips in the sunshine and incorporates sunscreen into
its already fabulous mix. See, this review was a no-
brain-er for me for I have been a fan for a while and
why you ask? Hey, unlike the Chap stick I grew up
with this stuff never sticks, and it goes on smooth and
keeps me soft, silky and moist through all that a
Michigan Winter can throw at me, or even Winters
partner in Crime those 95 degree hot and humid
Summer Days. What is it? You are dieing to know?
Well, its Softlips of Coarse!
I first found out about Softlips maybe 4 or
five years ago. I was messing around one day and
stumbled on their site, see I have been searching for products for a long long time,
and on the home page they had a
promotion for some Chick Lit!
I had been toying with the idea
of turning some stuff in to a chick
lit publishing house and paused
to read about it. It was a contest
that they were sponsoring and
there were tons and tons of prizes
and the prizes were a book and
some Softlips.
Why not?
I entered.
I won.
I got the book and the Softlips.
I read the book and tossed it in the trash.
I tried the Softlips and tossed the Chap stick
in the trash.
It rocked! Every since then I have been hooked
and I must have a stick in every pocket and every
purse and every drawer in my house. Soft Lips just
feels good going on. You can actually feel the moisture
of the Balm as you put it on. Unlike the other Balms
I have tried that feel as if they are going to fall apart
in chunks the Softlips glides. It coats your lips in a
silky layer of protection and I don't even stretch the
truth a little here for it has that good old Sun Screen
in it. Since that day I have been a huge fan and
if I had counted the times i have applied it to my
lips over the years I am talking about a pretty darn
big number here. Another thing I liked about it and
also another reason the Chap stick went bye bye
is even back then Softlips had more flavors then
Chap tick and now, WOW. The new flavors alone
blow away that other Brands entire line up. This
Season alone they have came out with the Honey
Dew and one of my favorite flavors the Pomegranate.
I love that flavor and I am thrilled it is showing up
everywhere right now. Their seasonal Limited Editions
this year are Sugar Cookie and Cherry and Winter
Mint and Vanilla. They also have their normal line
up and their tinted. I love those too for sometimes
I just want a little touch of Lipstick and other times
I get a shade of Lipstick close to the Softlips
Flavor for I found that a lot of Lipsticks are
drying as well and when I used them and then
the Softlips I feel fresh and smooth, not dry and
caked. I really love the Pearl in the tinting for it
adds a little shimmer to any lipstick and brings a
little something something. Bonus, soft lips and
Stunning too boot! SO lets go over the check
list here real fast. Softlips has:
Lots of exciting flavors
Tinted Balms.
Seasonal Flavors
Sun Screen
They have Organic Flavors
No Animal Bi-products
Gluten Free
Taste Great
Moisture you can feel as you apply
Work like a charm!
See, what isn't there to love about Soft
Lips? Not only is all that included with Soft
lips they are also easy to find, super affordable
and unlike some of the other brands that have
been the same old thing forever and ever they
are always moving forward and looking to improve.
I am just hooked and could go on and on and
on with all the benefits of Softlips but you
are going to just have to try it for yourself and
then you will know!
Hey, we can even make it easy on you.
One of my readers is going to win their choice
of the new Softlips Seasonal Flavors or the
new Organic ones! To enter just head over to
their site and take a look around and then
come back here and post something good
you have learned. The contest will start tonight
and run to Midnight of April 22nd.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day every day and then posting that you did here
and other ways to enter are posted below.


Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or Twitter
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please post 3 times.

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4. Blog about this contest somewhere else
and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

You guys can also check out Soft Lips on
Face Book to keep up with promotions
and product releases and all sorts of

Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Mommy Tool Box and Port a Pong Contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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