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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Evorakids Review  

Do you guys remember learning about dental hygiene
and all the places you miss brushing when you were in
school? You would stand in line and when you got to the
front some overly nice lady would hand you this little
table and tell you all about brushing your teeth and asking
you if you thought you brushed well enough? Of coarse you
would say you did, everyone and their brother that you knew
was standing right outside of the curtain behind you and
there was no way you could be the one who said, "No,
I do a rush job just to shut my Grandparents up for I
really don't feel like wasting the time!" You always came
up with this super story about how hard you worked and
how you were very sure you had the cleanest teeth in the
entire class. You were positive your brushing skills could
only be surpassed by the man who founded the American
Dental Association for he is the only person who could be
as remotely as careful as you are. The lady always shakes
her head and then hands you this little tablet and tells you
to chew this. Hum, okay. In your mouth and it is a little
like candy and that has you really going for here you are
talking to this lady who you are pretty sure works hand and
hand with the tooth fairy and most assuredly reports back
to your parents and she is giving you candy. You wonder
if it was a trick but if it was you failed it already it in
your mouth and you are just about done chewing even.
Then she hands you this mirror and says now look at your

Panic sets in. THAT WAS CANDY! Do the effects of
candy set in that fast? Do you already have a cavity from
the piece this lady tricked you into eating? You grab the
mirror and hold it up and take a look, big grin now and
what do you see? A mouth full of blue teeth looking back
at you. Your whole mouth. Every corner and crevasse and
little gap is bright blue. What did this chick do to you?
Do they fall out next? You are in shock. Then the lady
looks you square in the eye and says, " See the blue?"
You nod your head dumbly.
"Those are all the areas that you missed when you
brushed your teeth."
Again with the dumb nod.
That is my magic tablet and it tells me that you are just
not brushing long enough when you brush. In fact with
all that blue it looks like you didn't brush at all.
So the lady is really good at bringing 8 year old girls
to tears but you guys know that tablet I am talking about.
They go to every school with that little job and then hand
you this nasty cup of liquid for you to gargle with and
spit out and then they let you do the tablet again and
all clap for you when the blue is all gone. I swear the
reason they go through that whole spiel is to take your
mind off of the fact that liquid is so nasty if it were not
for the major guilt trip they just put you on you would be
spitting it out all over the place. Now the stuff in that little
fluid is good for your teeth but you don't have to shame
a child into taking some nasty fluid any more. There are
better ways to get to all those little spots your brush misses.
You don't have to gag your child anymore.
I just had the chance to do a review for a product called
Evora Kids. instead of that little nasty fluid this is an easy to
chew and easy to stomach tablet that your kids will love. No
matter what the nurse told you that day you will never be able
to get all those little spots in your mouth and the Evora
Kids is there to pick up the slack for your little guy.
When MZ Nurse comes to your child's school they can
smile back with a mouth absent of blue! Evorakids includes
the ProBiora3 blend of probiotics specifically formulated to
meet the unique oral care needs of children. The EvoraKids
reaches where toothbrushes and floss can’t – into the
crevices on the pits and fissures in the chewing surfaces
of teeth. Its Wild Cherry Flavor makes it easy for them to
handle and you will feel better knowing it is 100% natural
and GMO free, with no artificial colors or flavors or
sweeteners. It’s sugar, gluten, soy and dairy free and easy
for those kids to take on thier own.

Every child needs a little help with things like that
and think of this as back-up for thier brush. A painless way
tp support tooth health and help keep your child's smile bright
and easy way for them to reach the spots they have trouble
reaching with the brush. I found it super easy to use and
in the morning when I am passing out the daily Vitamens
I just slipped this right in and Andrew never even noticed
and though he is a little older then most of the kids
that take it with his teeth issues I want to make sure I
am doing everything I can for him. With 100% Natural
Evorakids I feel that I am!


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Picture I used on cards
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