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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Please read, loads of info and a question!  

Hey guys!

I have a few things I want to cover with you. Hopefully we can
straighten some things out. First off some of you know that
yesterday I tried to alter the rules to make it more easy for
everyone to win. I have some wonderful readers on the
site and every win has been deserved and earned but
some people just have more time to enter then others and
 I was trying to find a way to spread the wealth so to speak.
Well my idea caused one reader to go off the deep end and I
just could not deal with the drama right now and changed it back.
Instead I removed the entry method where you can get extra
entries by entering other contests on the site.

This should mean it is possible for every person to have the exact
same amount of entry's daily. So every one understand how many
ways you can enter or what is the right or the wrong way to enter
I am going to break it down in detail. Just now I have added to
contests to the site. We will take contest number one, GelPro
and use it as an example.

The First time you enter Gelpro here are the entries you can use,
1. Visit their site and post what you leaned
2. Grab my button
3. Follow my blog
4. Follow me on Twitter
5. Enter the contest of the day and then tell me you have in the
Gelpro contest or any other contest. You must first enter the contest
of the day each time you use that as an extra entry for any contest.
6. Blog about this giveaway and post the link
7. Tweet about this giveaway and post the link

Now every day after to the contest ends these are the ways
you can enter;

1. Visit Gelpro and post what you liked and say daily entry
2. First enter the contest of the day and then enter Gelpro using
the phrase I entered the contest of the day today.
3. Blog about this contest and post the link
4. Tweet about this contest and post the link.

I hope this clears up any confusion for contest entry's and if
you still have questions feel free to email me.

Now for the next thing. During the last days Hoopla one of the
things brought up is my Mother enters contests here and do I
just let her win.

The answer is Yes and No
Yes, she enters, why shouldn't she? She follows the rules
and enters a lot and she uses her real name so it is pretty
easy to see she is a relative of mine. She has won more then
a couple of times but you also need to realize there is more then
one reader with the name Julie and not all are her wins. Two,
she enters a lot and if you go through her wins and look at those
blogs you will see most of the ones she won she did so because
hardly anyone else entered them.

I just wanted this out in the open for I believe we never tried to
hide it but there was some issue with it and I wanted to make it
clear. The other part I want you all to know is other then my mother
and one other reader I do not know any of you outside of this blog.
There is no reason for me to allow for special favors for people I
have never met. The other person I know is my friend but she
seldom wins and the reason is she does not enter like my mother
does. If you ask her what I say when she says boy would I love that
she and my mother will both tell you my answer is, "you better enter
a lot then for other people want it too!"  And my mother does.

How I choose my winners is and the only reason
I do not post it is my editor will not allow me unless I re-size it
and save it at a site such as photo bucket. What I will do from
now on is save a copy in my files and if any of you have a
question about a win feel free to email me and I will send the web
page via email so you can see for yourself. I hope this makes
everyone happy and if not please do not post negative
thoughts on the blog, send them to me via email at
and I will deal with your issues.

The next thing I want to tell you guys is I will not be available
for the rest of the week. My mother is having surgery and I
 live too far from her to get there every day so I will be at her
 house to she is on her feet. She is having Heart surgery so please
 cross your fingers for her for they do not know how extensive
it will be to they get in there. She has had Heart Attacks and
they are trying to make sure she is not going to have any more.
I can access the blog there and my emails for she has a computer
and I am bringing my lap top but my mind will be on other things
so I doubt I will be posting.

The last thing I have is a question. A lot of Sponsors have sent
me promotional packs in the last couple of weeks. What that means
is they send a box with more then one item for me to review or
giveaway or do with as I please. Now there are some cute things and
handy to have things in these packs and I have a bunch of them but
the truth of the matter is as much as I want to be able to give it all
to you guys, no matter how big or how small the item is for there is
more then enough to go around  I am on a fixed income and Johns
unemployment is just about over and I can't afford to do that. A
lot of sponsors send the winners item along with the review item
and I have to pay for that postage and right now I am spending
50 to 100 dollars per month in postage for contests alone. Now,
I do not make any money off of my site so it comes out of my own
pocket and it is already close to pushing the maximum that I can
afford. When I sponsor sends an item and says this is for giveaway
you guys get it, but when they do not specify I email them and ask
and half the time they say it is for you or do what ever you want with
 it. Though it is very nice of them I would feel silly keeping 10
of the same sample.These items are for the most part T-shirts or
Hats or other branded items like that, even coupons. Sometimes I
know it the item is meant for review and is a very nice item  but
something I already have one of either that brand or another and it
would make no sense to have more then one of that item. I would
rather a  give a review item go to you guys then sit at my house
and collect dust because I have no use for it. My question is would
you guys rather I just offer what I can for giveaway or would you
rather I save up a bunch of items and just have a giveaway every
 6 weeks or so for a large gift pack filled with goodies?

So the choices are:
Out of the dozen or so items I get like this a month give
away what items I can afford on a one at a time basis meaning
sometimes it Will be a Little prize like a pack of cookies and others
something more valuable?


Save them up to it makes a nice gift package and a large prize and
raffle them off that way?

You guys can pick and to do so just answer A or B below in a comment.
A means little items as long as I can afford.
B means, all grouped together as one big prize

I will let you guys vote to Sunday and then will add up the A's and B's
 to see what way you would prefer.

That's about it for me guys
Peace out!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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