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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Slanket Review  

Have I told you guys John is the new
Ebeneezer Scrooge! Big time! Now it isn't a raise,
or a Holiday Duck or even gifts that he has the
moth filled wallet closed, it is something even bigger
and worse then that. Heat! Lord do we have some
high heating bills here in Michigan and John hovers over
that thermostat like a crazy man. I wake up with Iceicles
on my nose it is that dang cold. Now Rowan has those
super warm and comfy Winter Jammie's she has lived in all
Winter long but they just don't make them in Mommy size!
I am cold as whatever cold cliche you would like to insert
here. Even during the day I freeze and I pretty much sit
bundled up in my room under 32 covers and still I shiver and
it is rotten when I have to get something for I have to
crawl out from the hoard of blankets and it drives me nuts.
Thank You Jesus for my Slanket! I was a hold out
on them for I just didn't see the big deal. Then I got a
chance to review them and I am doing the "And I could
have had a V-8 kick to the head" for I can't get over
what I have been missing. With my Slanket I am snug as
a bug in a rug and I don't have to worm my way out of
a load of blankets to just use the bathroom. With the Slanket
I can just get up and go! Not only does it work like a
Charm and I love the arms, it is sooooooooooo warm and
softtttt oh, my is it soft. I checked out the other one,
you know, the knock off and was so not impressed.
It was thin, it was not nearly as soft and I could not
believe they wanted they price they were asking for it.
When you place the Slanket next to that one it is
like placing a White Castle next to a Denny's Hamburger.
Now I don't mean Denny's that 24 hour place I mean
Denny's in Pennsylvania, that place that makes the worlds
biggest hamburger. That is how vast the difference is
in thickness and comfort. The Slanket kept me warm and
the sleeves made it so I could move through the house
with ease and also when I was not snuggling with Rowan
wrapped in the extra folds I could sit down and play
with her and I think she was a little jealous of my warm
blanket just like I was jealous of her warm Jammie's!
The Slanket is made from all around better materials
and is perfect if you live in a home with MR Heat Mizer
like I do. Come back next November and I will show you
a photo of everyone in my house sitting on the couch
with a Slanket. Everyone but John that is!
Slanket, the original is always the best!


What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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