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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jovan Ladies and Mens Satisfaction Review and Giveaway!  

Have you guys seen the prices of Perfume lately?
I just about dropped dead. I hardly ever get out of
the house unless it is the doctors office or grocery
shopping or walking the dog, so sometimes I get a little
out of touch when it comes to prices on items you just
have to be there for like Perfume or Lipsticks. Most
of my shopping I can do on-line and do, even for things
like clothes but for items like the two I just mentioned
you have got to be there for yourself. For a shoe I can
return for another size, with Perfume once I open it
I own it no matter how much I don't like it. Since I
seldom get to the Mall I really had no idea how much they
have skyrocketed. It was a shocker! I was at CVS getting
my prescriptions filled and walked down the Make-up and
perfume isle and saw a Sale sign and for me it is force of
habit to stop and see for what. It turned out to be buy
on get one half off on Perfume. I thought how cool, I have
been wanting to try the new "Be" from Donna Karen and
Andrew just discovered last year that he likes Colognes
and it has been a while since he got a new one. I could
pick him up one. Now I didn't have my purse with me since
I have been going to that CVS for 7 or 8 years now I
know everyone and it doesn't matter what prescription I
am filling they never ask for ID, instead the ask how my
son or Rowan is doing and even look after the Dog. Boo
loves going in there and since they have known her since
she was a puppy they look the other way when I bring her
in as long as I carry her. Now I did have 100 bucks for
I grabbed it on the way out the door since I needed T.P
and Snacks for Rowan plus other items as well and I don't
know about you guys but I can never leave a store like
CVS or Target with "only" what I came for. Normally I
try to get something for the kids when I have extra cash
and make it fair and yes, Boo is included with the count
but Rowan is too little to know she was left out and Boo,
well she is a dog, so I thought I would grab the Perfume
for Andrew and I this time. Andrew has been talking about
Diesel and though I am clueless with what is hot in men's
colognes but I thought I could grab that, my Be and the
other stuff that I needed for with half off the one bottle
I thought I was getting a really good deal. Boy was I
wrong. Mine cost $67.00 and Andrews was $65.00.
So if I were to grab them both, even with the half off, I
would be paying around $100 dollars and that didn't include
my prescription and anything else I had came for.
When did that happen? I remember back when my perfume
infatuation started I could buy 3 or 4 bottles that were not
on sale for that price. Hey, some of the Perfumes I got way
back then I could buy 10-15 off for that price. Now that many
would be Luvs Baby soft for I loved that so and right after I
found Luvs I discovered Vanilla Oil and Musk and was hooked
on them for years. In fact I still have them and wear them
during the Summer for there is just something about the smell
of Vanilla or Musk on a warm Summers night. One of the best
Musk perfumes I had and still keep a bottle of was Jovan. I
wore that everywhere I went for about 5 years straight until
I read in some girly magazine that you should change your
scent with the seasons. With that info I became hooked and
Perfumes and I started collecting them. I even bought scents
for the bottles as much as I did for the what was inside or the
smell. I still keep Jovan on my dresser and buy a new bottle
every Spring for it is still one of my favorite scents to wear
during the Summer and you can imagine how surprised I was
when I was contacted with the chance to do a review for
Jovan and a new scent of theirs.
Jovan Satisfaction.

Even better they were sending it in both the Women's and
the Men's version so Andrew and I could both try. First
off let me tip my hat to their campaign. I always get a
kick out of how far Beauty, Fragrance and Cosmetic companies
will go to market their product. Most of the time Sex is the
for runner in their arsenal and they throw it in your face as
much as they can. If not sex they turn to celebrities and if
they can get a celeb and some sex appeal at the same time
they feel like the really hit the Trifecta and are really cooking.
The problem I have with these tactics is they are all the same.
I could not tell you one company's commercial from another
brand. I can either remember the commercial or remember the
brand but I would never be able to link the two together. It
seems to me they have no creativity what so ever and a half
naked woman or man is all they think it takes to sell a brand
of Perfume or a line of Cosmetics. Guess what, they couldn't
be more wrong. Am I daft enough to think if I use what ever
item Charlize Theron is hawking as she walks through a big
old mansion stripping and babbling about Gold is Cold. Please,
long ago I stopped believing in fairy tales and even better,
the Gold is cold part is the only thing I remember about the
commercial at all. I have no clue what item she was selling.
So since it left no impact on me and added insult to injury by
inferring that I would just jump because some chick that started
as a model told me I needed it to be like her when I know
darn good and well that they only thing we will ever have in
common is we both go to the bathroom with the seat down.
The other part that concerns me, and this is why I would not
buy a product that falls into this rut, every single one, no
matter the brand, does the same tired bit over and over again.
Half naked women running through danger and perfume or
hair product or cosmetic lures some man to help her and
saves the day. No creativity and if they have so little in
their advertising why would I believe their product is different
or new or better then the 22 billion other commercials I
have seen. Now Jovan. I had to laugh. Yes, I will tell you
right off the bat, they used sex but instead of the same
old tired run down sex they made it light and lively and
get this, HUMOROUS! The add just felt fresh and made
me want to see more. I had lost interest a long time ago
in watching ads or falling for the rhetoric that cosmetic companies
sell and the fact they had my attention was a huge plus in my
book. They take a dorky guy and a dorky gal and Spritz spritz,
transform them, not into super models but normal happy people.
Loved it and was amused as well. They also have fun
interactive items that you can download your own photo
or a friends and get to see you got from dorky to Hubba
Hubba and a romance guide with restaurant links and cards
and You also can't help but want to try the Perfume
for right there in black and white they have a bold proclamation
of 100% satisfaction gaurenteed or your money back! Wow,
now there really is a novel idea, make a product, let the
people know what it is all about and then stand behind it!
Yeap, sold right at the door and the dude never even had
to pull out his vacuume. Everything from this point on is
gravey to me!

SO I now have these bottles and so far it has two things
going for it. Two very important things though. Memories and
an effective Marketing campainge. Now can they put their money
where thier mouth is? I let Andrew go first. I felt I might be a
little predisposed to my feelings for I have been a huge fan of
theirs for years. Andrew on the other hand has only tried a few
differant mens products in his entire life and does never even
have his own preferance yet. His Uncle got him hooked and after
that it was all over. The Men's Satisfaction is a light mix
of grapefruit, cardamom, cedarwood and amber that blends together
into a smooth scent that accents a mans own fragerance and is
not at all overpowering. I was afraid my Son would go a little
overboard and end up buying a bevy of thick gold chains and
competing for the lead in the remake of Saturday Night Fever
but I don't think he could for it was just the perfect level of
yum and not a tear jerker like other mens colonges I have
smelled. I loved the Cedarwood for to me its a sent that is
always associated with a manly man and the Grapefruit makes
it light and pleasent and extremly palatable. ANdrew just knew
he liked it for a complete description to a 16 year
old is Cool, Good, Okay or Aliright. Translation is:
Cool-Fantastic, this stuff is great. Thanks Mom you are
the best.
Good- I liked it, this would be on my top list
Okay-Nothing Special
Alright-I know better then to be rude and say something mean.
Jovans Satisfaction got a Cool from Andrew so I am adding it to his
Christmas list! Even John, who can't stand Colonge at all, said this
was one he wouldn't mind wearing if we went out somewhere nice.
Wow, that shocked me.
For the Womens it was my turn. The Womens version comebines
sweet mango, lotus flower and warm vanilla. Um, hello, didn;t I
just blather on about how much I love Vanilla. Next funny thing
here is in the last few years I have become extreamly fond of
Cutrus and fruity scents. I was more then pleased to see two of
my favorite aromas melded into one sulty and sensuious scent that
can be worn for a day time light and livey go everywhere or for
a night out when you need some Va va voom. It was blended
were the flavors swriled and what I mean by that is each time
you wear it another one of the smells takes the front seat. I
swear yesterday I had it on and the Mango was king, not a
heavy ruler but still the prominate scent and today I all all
Vanilla and I love its flexability. Another awesome benifet
of Jovan Perfumes, they won't break the bank!  I am going
to have to knock off a bottle of Perfume off my shelf for
this has to go right next to my Jovan Musk for it is going
to stay!
Jovan was also kind enough to offer my readers a bottle as
well. One lucky reader will win a bottle of the Mens and the
Ladies of their own. To enter just head over to the site and
take a look around then come back here and post what you
learned. The contest will start tonight and run to Midnight on
APril 23rd.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day every day and then posting that you did here
and other ways to enter are posted below.

Jovan Satisfaction


Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or Twitter
and post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Tweet about my blog and post the link
here. 5 entries, please post five times.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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post five times.

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Picture I used on cards
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