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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ferro Cosmetics Review and Giveaway!  

Now I have been learning a lot about cosmetics
in the last year or so and I must say it is about
time I did. Before I was never terrible with my
choices but I would have to say I was more of a safe
side of the road type gal. I did not experiment, I
did not mix it up and I stuck to brands that were
tried and true and felt that was the way to go. What
I didn't get was my tried and true brands know they
are tried and true and all take the approach, "if
it ain't broke don't fix it!" and I was stuck in a
rutty right along with them. When I started finding
facts out like with Mineral make-up your face is
not coated so there would no longer be a need for
the 32 zillion cleansers I used to combat the effect
of what my make-up did to my skin. Mineral make up is
all around lighter and unlike the heavy cream and liquid
foundations I wore I would not feel it on my face.
My skin would also now be able to breath and is all
around more healthy. My old tried and true do not offer
a mineral make-up at this time and one of the things
about large company's that have been around forever is
it takes them forever to change anything so I don't
see them coming out with a Mineral product line in
the near future. So to enjoy the Benefits of Mineral
Make-up I had to leave my safety zone and take the plunge
into the unknown. I am so glad I did but stepping into
the world of Mineral make-ups and advancements in the
cosmetology world come with their own set of trials and
tribulations. What brand do I use?

Have you ever googled Mineral makeup? Try it. Somewhere
on page 40 something I gave up reading. That's the thing when
a new product comes out and is sensational. Every single person
with a mind on marketing and a dream tries to improve and
perfect it and promote their own brand. Reading between the
lines of fact and fiction is a tough job for a lot of those
people saw short cuts and took them or ran out of money while
developing them and put out a sub-perfect product or are just
cheap to begin with and out to make some money on the giant
wave the new product has created. Then you find you companies
that honestly bring you a better product, want to see you wearing
nothing but the best and will not stop until they achieve it.
They love what they do and it reflects in their product and
they truly believe that they have found a better way to bring
you a product and are always working to make sure they are
at the top of the industry without short cuts or side stepping
the customer. To find those company's you really have to search
but when you do find one you can bank on them to bring you the
full package. Great costumer service, an excellent quality product,
reasonable prices and a large selection of products to choose from.
Recently I got the chance to do a review for one such company.
Ferro Cosmetics. They are the complete package. I spoke with
the owner herself and found her to be the most down to Earth,
Charming person who was eager to help and you can tell she
takes pride in what she does and keeps in the mix to make
sure the people she surrounds herself with do too. I was
sent a sampling of their products and the total experience was
fantastic and I know I will be back for more!
I pretty much turned myself over to her and just gave
them some basic information on myself such as hair and eye
color and skin tone and told them they were the experts and
hey, they are, I wore blue eye shadow in the 90's remember?
The items I received were perfect for my skin tone and Ferro
Cosmetics managed to match shade after shade and after I
used everything in their bag of tricks I somehow felt glamorous
yet natural all at the same time. I never even knew that was
possible. They started with the Foundation and I was given the
Ultimate Foundation in palest honey. Ultimate it is! I have to
say of all the make-up and cosmetic products that are available
for you foundation in general has always given me the most
problems, I can never seem to find a shade that goes with
mine for I have that Ivory Skin yet I spend a lot of time out
doors and though I do not really hold a tan I do manage to
come out of it with some color and it throws my skin tone
off. I also can never get the coverage I need with a powder
and with a liquid or cream I always have that line at the
chin no matter how careful I am. Let's not even talk about
rub off! Eww and how dang embarrassing when either you
are wearing white or someone you hug is! The palest honey
was THE Perfect shade for my skin for it added warmth and
glow and still did not look like I was wearing anything. The
Mineral Powder also covered like a dream and best of all no
rub off! Personally I didn't feel like I was wearing anything at
all for it was that light and so much better then the thick
pallet style foundation I had been wearing for the last few
years or so. I also had the same perfect experience with the
blush and eye shadow and with the mineral make I enjoyed
the fact there was no creasing for the eye shadows and the
blush blended in perfectly and did not leave that faint tell tale
sign that you have something on your cheeks to add color. It
smoothly transitions from the foundation right on over and I also
fell in love with the shades they sent for both. Most of the
Hues I was sent are earthy tones that have life in them and
not flat and dull. I almost felt glittery though I know that
was my own imagination for I just had that star quality when
everything was applied. Look out Hollywood, Mommywood is
on the carpet! Some of the shades they sent that I have now
discovered are not only perfect for my complexion, I just
don't think I could live without now are the:
Golden Cinnamon
and my all time favorite Bashful. I never thought such a pink color
would go so well on me but I was totally sold when I saw it.
The Bashful is also one of their 3 in one products that are
the most fantastic product out there. You can use it for a
blush, eyeshadow and lip color and it works great as all three.
From now on you can get triple duty from your cosmetics as
apposed to having to buy a zillion different separate items.
Think how easy that will be to not only color coordinate but
shelf space alone. Everyone woman in the world has a purse that
weighs as much as a Mac Truck and a large part of that
is makeup. If I could do away with two thirds of what is in my
drawers and purses and cupboards I would jump at the chance.
I admit I was a little skeptical at first but once I tried, hey,
I am a jumping. Just pick about 6 shades and you can mix
them anyway you want and one day have one as your blush and
the next make it your eye shadow. The combinations are endless
and it will also leave more room in your purse for the money
you are saving not having to buy a separate product. For my
personal review I have to say I with hit with the arrow when I
tried the Foundation and fell in love when I moved onto the 3 in
one products!
All of Ferro Cosmetics are made with the finest quality
minerals and non-toxic ingredients. Everything is also made in
the USA. HELLO! and Krissy Ferro has been a stylist and
expert colorist for more then 12 years so she knows what a
woman is looking for and brings it to you with class. They also
carry brushes and skin care and a men's line is on the way.
I really enjoyed that you could shop by skin tone for like
I told you guys I have the hardest time picking the right colors
for me. I keep wanting to try what is hot in the fashion world
right now but the truth is what is hot out there isn't always, or
I should say seldom is, hot in real life. At least not on this
real life Mother. They also have make-up tips and tricks and
if you don't find your answer there check out their blog and
just come on out and ask! I have found Ferro Cosmetics to
be a one stop shopping destination that offers a Supreme
product at an affordable price that makes you feel like a
million bucks! I know I do!

Ferro Cosmetics would like to help you feel like a Million
or more and is offering to give two of my readers a Foundation
System and a Blush x3 Mini Kit. To enter just head over to the
site and take a look around and then come back here and post
what item you would like to try first. The contest will start tonight
and run to Midnight on April 24th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day every day and then posting that you did here
and other ways to enter are posted below.

Ferro Cosmetics

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Picture I used on cards
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