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Saturday, March 13, 2010 Review and Giveaway!  

Remember the Titanium Money Clip we
just went over not too long ago? Hey, those guys
make more then Money Clips and I have to
tell you. With all the things going on around here
I almost forgot. I have been doing so much running
lately I have more then once forgotten to take my
medication with me and I have paid for that. Dearly.
The few times I have remembered I had a whole other
set of problems. The plastic bottles. Life has been such
a whirl wind the last couple of weeks I crushed two
of them by being so out of sorts I sat on my purse.
One, it is not a good idea to take your entire bottle
of medication with you in the first place. If you are
only going somewhere for a day or so and cart it
along you run into the risk of loosing it or even having
it stolen. When you take the medications I take loosing
your medication is no small thing. For starters my
insurance will only cover it every so often and most
of the items I am on are not cheap. I don't know
about you but I just don't have a few extra hundred
dollars laying around to replace a prescription. The other
being that a lot of my prescriptions are Narcotics and
too make sure no funny business is going on most doctors
request a police report if it is stolen and will only replace
a ruined one once a year or less. So where is a good
place to keep them? Where would they be safe?
A medication sorter? One of those Monday through Sunday
deals that keep everything straight? Now that sounds good
in theory but when you are in an out of waiting rooms
and doctors offices and the hospital lounge that is not
always a good thing. For one you are pre-occupied by
why you are there and not on full alert and the other thing
is if someone does look through your items and sees that
it would be the first thing they grab. So what should I
do then? Well has something just for
that purpose. The Pill Fob! This hooks right on your
key chain and it made out of Titanium and there is no
way in the world you can crush it by sitting on it.
No way it can get ruined at all. It is lightweight and
stays out of the way and can even serve as a spot to
store some emergency cash. This is a must have for
anyone who needs a certain medication and I know I
am getting one for my Mothers Nitro pills for she has
yet to remember to bring some with her when we leave
the house. The Pill Fob solves all your problems barring
theft but, but but, they also make something to help there
too! also makes a Titanium Whistle that
will last a life time and this is a must have for any
single girl or daughter. Guys, you can use them too
but I know for a fact when Rowan is old enough to
go places by herself this is the first thing she will
have. At the first sign of danger I will pound it in her
head to blow that non-stop to help comes. Run and
blow and if you see a person touching your Pill Fob,
blow then too! We teach our children and young ladies
to be vigilant in today's world. To carry their keys out
so they can be used as a weapon and to not go into
dark areas and travel in groups but this doesn't always
work out. Sometimes they end up in those situations any
ways and sometimes they are too young to have keys, so
what then? A whistle is a perfect choice for it is loud
enough to attract attention and that is what they need.
The first order of business should be to alert every person
around that you need help by screaming "Fire" and
blowing that Whistle to a mob arrives to help!
The Whistle is also great for calling the kids in
the house at the end of the day or if you are camping
and hear a wild animal give it a blow and it might just
scare it away. Give it a bunch of blows and it might
just scare everything away. Sporting events or whatever
other reason you might need a whistle for, make it
a titanium for this is one whistle you will never have
to worry about replacing. It is also lightweight and loud
and is sure to attract loads of attention no matter what
you use it for. Both the Pill Fob and the Whistle can
be placed on a Titanium Chain that can be cut to
length and are a perfect way to carry both of these
items and with Titanium you know you are going to
get the best value for your money and a product that
is sure to last forever. Last of all, the people from care for their customers and are not
only lightening fast with delivery they are always there
to answer your questions and are a fantastic company
to work with all around. Next time your parent is fumbling
for their blood pres sue medication in a twist off child and
adult proof plastic bottle like we see Uncle Bob do every
Sunday at breakfast make their life a little more easy with
an easy to open and forever safe Titanium Pill Fob. The
next time your Teenage Daughter or Son says they are
walking a couple of blocks down the street to their friends
after dark, rest more easy knowing they have their Titanium
Whistle with them. Both of these items are just what the
Doctor ordered to keep your own blood pressure at
a manageable level so you are not the one fumbling with
a Pill Fob on a Sunday Morning breakfast with the family. has once again thought of my readers
and they are offering one lucky winner the choice of either
a Pill Fob or a Whistle of their own. To enter just
head over to the site and take a look around then come
back here and post what you have learned. The contest
will start tonight and run to Midnight on April 29th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day, every day, and then posting that you did here
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Picture I used on cards
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