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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Functionalab Review  

I have never been a person for taking supplements.
Most of the time a product that is good for you one day isn't the
next and I always wonder why if some new Berry is a super food
why didn't we know about it before and how come it wasn't splashed
all over every health magazine and news program out there. It
has been my experience that some of these things cost a lot of
money to help you achieve the same effect you could by buying
the ingredients and using them at home in your own cooking.
How can a company tell you that this product, right here, is
the missing link in your life, zillions of studies have been done
and we are certain this is what is wrong with people. Take it
and all your worries wills disappear. The following year they
are back at it with a whole other product that is the answer
to all your problems.
What happened to the first one?
Are there now two items missing from my life?
Is the other one now bad and I missed the broadcast?
I admit I have fallen for their tactics more then once. I have
RA in my back and it causes me great pain so I am always looking
for something to help me feel better. Right now I take Fish Oil and
I can"t really tell a difference but I know it isn't going to hurt but
before I fell for the Acai Berry thing. A guy I knew a little told me all
these wonderful things about this Acia berry juice and that it was
supposed to make on my health problems disappear. It was 28 bucks
for a bottle the size of a wine bottle (750 ml) and I was supposed
to drink 6 ounces a day. That meant every 6 or 7 days I would need
a new bottle. He also told me not to worry for I wouldn't notice the
results for 3 or 4 weeks. If you do the math here that is already
over 100 dollars I have invested in it so far and no results. I dropped
about 150 dollars before I wised up and did some research.I
found the Berry is good for you but a glass of juice won't do it,
you can take a supplement and get the same results and nothing is
a miracle cure. Somethings will help your own system work
better. I no longer have the illusion that eating a handful of
Berry's or a glass of the juice is going cure all my ills but I have
discovered that with a few key items in a supplements I can enhance
my quality of life. FunctionaLab offers such items at a reasonable
price with great benefits. I was sent a sample of their Focus
Formula that is specialized for Alertness, Clarity and Memory.
What it does is help maintain the normal brain functions that
lead to mental alertness, clarity and memory retention. You could
take many different things to achieve the same effects but
functionalab special mix negate the need to keep all those
supplements around and has the same effects but in a streamlined
version. We received this over a week ago but this is one of those
items where I wanted to try it first for a while to make sure it
really worked. Not just phyche myself out and wake up the next
morning and yawn and go, "Wow, I feel so different!" I wanted to
make sure I really did!

And I do, and not only did I try it Andy did as well. And he does!
The reason I picked the Focus Formula is Andrew was diagnosed
with ADHD a long long time ago and I am not a fan of medicating
children. I also didn't see what the school was talking about
at home. I choose not to put him on the medication and I am
thankful I didn't. Now that he is nearing adulthood I can ask him
point blank if he was happy with the choice I made. I had also
asked him a few times at 12, 13 ect if he wanted to try it then
for I felt he was older and could understand what the medication
was for and he declined. His thoughts were he was happy that
he did not take the medication for so many people he knows
do and he can tell the difference when they are on it and it doesn't
always seem like that are really all there all the time. Like their
personality was dulled. He said he was glad he got to discover him
self on his own but there were times when he wished he wasn't
so distracted. I asked him if he would like to try Functionalabs
Health Drops with me and explained they were a mixture of
vitamins, Nutrients and Minerals and not medication and he
said he would love too. That was the biggest test for me. Today
was his first day back at school and he said he was more focused
and enjoyed it and did not feel as restless. To me, a Mother, that
spoke volumes.

I just felt more alert and not like 4 pots of coffee alert but
alive alert. Make Sense? It does to me! In fact I enjoyed the
drops so much I am thinking about trying the Immune for I
have asthma and have a hard time during cold season for it
seems if I catch one early out it is going to be a bad year for
my Asthma but if I can skate by for a while I don't have so many
problems. Functionalab has more then just the drops they also
have Supplements, Tonics and items just for Beauty. They cover
just about everything. Unlike the fish oil I have been on forever
and have never felt a noticeable difference the products they
have here made a difference and they have truly taken
a skeptic and made a believer out of me! The best part? Unlike
prescription medication this stuff can't hurt you if you follow the
directions and nothing ventured nothing gained! I gained!
Though I am very happy with my results I would just like to
take a second and let you know I am in no way advocating the use
of traditional medication to fight illness. There are some things you
need a doctor for and Functionalab in no way promised me that
they could fix all my woes, they just offer products to help fine
tune what you already have. Even a body running at peak
performance needs to see a medical doctor if they have pain
or any illness so please don't play doctor yourself. I am not
saying they cured my sons ADHD either, I am only letting you
guys know that he can focus a little better and I can bounce
a little higher and that isn't a bad thing!


What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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