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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wee Squeak Baby Shoes Review and Giveaway  

It has been 16 years since this Mom
has needed shoes for an infant. 16 years
of changes, advancements and improvements!
That is a long time in today fast paced, ever
improving world. When I scheduled my daughters
pictures I proudly ran ( Yes, I ran, to the car at
least) to the mall to buy her a new outfit and shoes!
You see, my first child was a boy and when John and
I combined our families his children were already
past the youth stage and dang it all, I never got
to dress up a little princess!

I bought Rowan the prettiest dress I could
find but shoes were slim pickens. I broke down
and bought a pair of black dress shoes with a
little flower on them and went home satisfied.
Or so I thought.

The little girl hated them. It took everything
John and I had to keep them on her feet.
Hard and unforgiving she just didn't want
anything to do with them. I needed to find
a better solution.

Wee Squeak to the rescue!

After being picked to do a product review for
Wee Squeak shoes I was sent a pair from their
Beibi line. I was impressed right out of the gate!
Wee Squeak has shoes for kids sized 3 to 12
and the New Beibi line fits Babies size 0-24
months. Affordable and fashionable I can
see these being a staple in my house for
a long time.

The box told me right off the bat these were
shoes for Eager Feet. I don't know why but I
got the biggest kick out of that. Then again, they
don't know my Rowan who has been trying to
stand since she was a month old. I doubt you
can get anymore eager then that.

The shoes I picked were the Tyler Hot Pink
Baby Shoe so I ran ( yes, again) to her closet to
pick out one of her many pink outfits. I told you,
I have been waiting 16 years to play dress up.
She got all dolled up as John laced up those
cute little suckers and on they went.

We sat her up and she glared at them for a few
moments, I am sure she was having flashbacks
to the other shoes she wore less then two weeks
earlier. Then she saw the colors and they grabbed
her interest and she wanted them. Most likely in her
mouth but she wanted them none the less. Soon
she was standing and not long after that she didn't
even know she had them on. That's the part I liked.
They didn't bother her for these shoes are so
soft and flexible its like wearing socks. They are
also durable enough to stand up to the torture
my very busy little girl is giving them. Did
I mention they are adorable? I found a new shoe
line for our house and I can't wait until she is
in the regular line of Wee Squeak with the Squeakers
build right in. Every shoe I saw on their web site was
just to die for!

I messed around with the shoes for a bit before and
after she was wearing them searching for signs of
weakness for I am very afraid of her insatiable quest
to explore and take everything she sees apart. I pulled
at the seems and yanked on everything yankable and
these shoes are well crafted and if her feet stayed
this size would last a long time. They also mesh to
fit the foot and that is such a good thing for me for
my daughter has inherited the family tradition of
having Fred Flintstone feet .I could not find one thing
wrong with these babies and I looked. I might even let
her put them in her mouth. That's where everything
ends up anyways! My only complaint about these
shoes is they do not make them in sizes for my
16 year old son and 12 year old step daughter!

And now for the awesome part! Wee Squeak has
offered to give one of my readers a pair from the
Beibi Line all of their own. You can pick any pair from
the the collection and they will come right to your
doorstep. Mine came so fast I wish I would have
known before I had Rowan's pictures taken and saved
the gas to the mall.

The Contest runs from November 22nd and ends
on December 6th at Midnight so you can have
them in time for the Holidays. You can enter daily
and ways to earn extra entries are listed below.
U.S Residents only please.
The Winner will be notified on December 7th Via
email and have 72 hours to contact me.
Entry is simple, just go to Wee Squeak and check
out their Beibi Line and tell me what pair would
look great on your little Prince or Princess!

Extra Entries- extra entries only count after
the first entry is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog 3 Entries,
please post five times.

2. Enter any of my other contests. 1
entry per contest, separate post per

3. Grab my button 5 entries. Please
post five times.

I know the lucky winner will enjoy their
shoes as much as I enjoy mine. I can't wait
to get another pair and have already drove
John nuts about the matching outfits I
have to buy!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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