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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Date: 11/11/2009
Stress Level: low, can you believe it??
New Grey hairs added: 0

Today was a gravy day for me though John might have gotton a few grey hair. Don't
worry they will blend! He has a bevy of those babys now. Funny part is they bug him and
I think they look good but SHHHHHHHH, don't tell him its all I need to hear is about
how his Grey makes him look good while mine............... ya know.

We didn't have much planned today other then the same old same old and I had
one appointment I had to go to and that meant going in public with John
DUM DUM DUM.............................
but today it was pretty painless. I got up, or should I say got out of bed since Rowan
still is not sleeping through the night and went to get the boy up. I dressed for battled but
the little bugger surprised me and got up with no complaints. Fast too! Do you think it has
something to do with the fact I screamed down to him "If ya don't give me a hard time I
will make you some french toast and sausage?" Well, whatever the reason it was a painless
morning for I wanted some french toast too. He left, ON TIME, and I reminded John about my
appointment and went about doing some housework.
He was ready on time, had all his parts and keys and I almost passed out from shock. We made a
fast stop to K-mart. UHG, only thorn in my side today but I will save that for next weeks complaint.
Next we went to my appointment where I thought John sprouted a few new greys. The secratery there
has been bugging me for months to see the baby and since John is stuck driving me everywhere to
he fixes my car today was the day.
We walked in, she spotted me and ran grabbed the baby where she spent the next 20 minutes
ohhhhhhhhhing and awingggggggggggggggg and kissing and hugging little baby baby. John Spent
the next 20 minutes white knuckling the arms of the chair he was sitting on.To the untrained eye
fawning all over a cute little baby may seem like a nutural thing to do but those with further training
know that oggling over a baby paired with an overprotective Father who refers to strangers as
"carriers" is not a good combo! I know it took everything he had not to rip that little girl out
of this womans arms and growl at her about the swine flu, ordinary germs and the fact
nobody touches his child without his prior written consent in triplicate and noterized. Then when
I thought he would suffer from only a minor angina attack instead of a full blown heart attack
she went in for the kill and marks little Princess Daddy's ( HAND OFF REST OF THE WORLD)
Girl with bright pink lip stick stains all over her now germ laiden cheeks. Massive corenary failure,
triple bipass here we come. I on the other hand had to surpess a giggle for I was privey to
his innner meltdown and knew he may be clutching his chest any moment.
He survived and so did she though he spent the better part of an hour
going over her cheeks again and again washing all traces of the gropping away. If only he were so
carefull when aiming for the toliet or picking up his dirty socks. Am I wrong to extract joy from
his suffering? Ask me if I really care? Maybe tomorrow I will walk down to
the senior center and play pass the baby!
Moral of the Day: If you wake up and expect the worst the worst that will happen is you wake up!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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