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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday November 29th  

Date: 11/29/2009
Stress Level: Eh! I will love
New Grey hairs added: 2

Today I want to talk about men in the Kitchen.
Why I bring this up I am on the verge of killen John,
once again! My Mother brought over a whole bunch
of deserts got Thanksgiving diner and if you a female
and like me you know sweets are awesome but we
don't always crave them. When we do crave them
we have to have them. Well, anyways, my Mother
made this cake she had made for my sons birthday
and I loved just so I could eat it again. I didn't want
anything sweet Thanksgiving, was too tired on Friday
and had some Pumpkin Cream Pie yesterday so today
I was dieing to have some of that cake.
I went to grab some and it was gone! Now it
wasn't a whole cake, just about 2/3rds but just
yesterday I yelled at him for my Mother also made
some Chocolate chip cookies and Oatmeal cookies
and I went to grab one of those and there were only
two left. I told him, and I mean TOLD, him to not
eat all of anything without asking if someone else
wants some. Though he ignored me as always but the
glare in my eyes and anger in my voice made me
think I got my point across. How silly I am.

       Now the cake. Now I am really mad. I
got over it and extracted my revenge by eating his
prized Swiss cheese for lunch and thought "AHA,
we are even!" Funny how you act like a kid no
matter how old you are when you get your nose
out of joint. Now most of the day goes by and I
get hungry again and since we are still on left-
overs I decided to make some nacho chips and
melt cheese over it since I had left over chips
from the spinach dip and lots of cubed cheese from
the cheese tray. I go to grab what I knew last night
was a whole bowl of tortilla chips and they are

"John, where are the tortilla chips?"

"Oh, I threw them away."


"um, they might be bad."

This is where I had to shut up and start
slamming things and just try to suck it up. I
will never understand his thinking. This man
will concoct some gruel, and I mean it when
I call it that for there is no other way to describe
it, and leave it in the oven for 3 days and then
eat it. BUT tortilla chips might go bad in 2 days.
The gruel has meat, dairy, sauce and other items
that are not meant to be out of the fridge for more
then a hour and he cooks it, reheats it, lets it sit,
reheats it again for days on end and that is supposed
to be edible but anything I make has to hit the trash
in a day or its a bio hazard.

That man cooks things that the dog, who will
eat an onion or pickle, will not eat. My son walks in
the kitchen and asks whats for Dinner and I say not
sure John is cooking and he turns and walks out.
People in Ethiopia would rather go Hungry then
eat his "Stuff" but he thinks he is the next
Emeral. If I hear " the guys at the Firehouse loved
this one", another time I will scream. Those guys
are trying to get the taste of soot out of their mouths
they would eat dirt if you have it to them.

I feel sorry for Rowan because Andy and I are old
enough to cook something else and we can run faster
then him since most of the time he has a Cake in his
hands but Rowan has no defense. Kids hide Candy
under their pillows she is going to hide a sandwich
or a rib roast! I am going to start stocking up on
some of that survival food now and sew it into the
lining of her blankets!

Moral of the Day: John will eat anything he doesn't
have to plug his nose for!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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