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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday November 17th  

Date: 11/17/2009

Stress Level: near zero

New Grey hairs added: 1

OK, I slept. In fact I slept so hard I slept right
through the Alarm and my son was late too
school and I couldn't even yell at him because
it was all my fault. I almost slept through the
scheduled time the cable guy was supposed to
come but alas, I made it. I heard John getting
ready to leave, glanced at the clock and did
I rushed to get the boy off and ready and that
is no small feat in itself for Andrew does everything
on one speed. HIS! I can stand there and bug the
heck out of him and let him know how late he is
and to hurry up but instead of this making him
pick up the pace this always makes him stop, sigh
and spend the next 40 minutes arguing with me
why I am too dramatic and how nothing is really
his fault and how I yell at him for things I never
told him to do in the first place. < One day I am
going to learn to record it when I ask him to do
something so when he swears I never told him I
can hit replay!> What I have to remember is to
ignore the fact he is late and he will move much
faster but ignoring kids is not in a Mother's DNA
so every day, same drama, same time!
The cable guy was supposed to be here
between 8 and 10 so I figured I would get some
housework done while I waited. I did bottles,
dishes, two loads of laundry, vacuumed, fed
the baby breakfast and lunch, watched a TV
show, answered some emails, made lunch,
took the dog for a walk....................
Are you getting the picture here?
I could have slept another 12 hours and not
had to worry about this guy being on time. The
funny part is they have commercials out now that
say if they are late they will give you 20 dollars
off your bill but by the time you get through all
the small print only a half green midget living
in American Samoa that has 6 fingers and 14
toes really qualifies. Gotta love Comcast!
I should keep my mouth she for the Internet
issue was our fault ( or I was once led to believe)
for when we had it installed the guy said I needed
a box for every room at a rental price of an arm
and a leg and I was like forget that and bought
some splitters on my own and split it so every
room had cable. The guy yesterday said it was
split so many times by the time it got to my room
there was no juice left. He put on a super splitter
and fixed it in 10 minutes. No extra boxes sales
pitch either.

John had a morning appointment with some
sort of adviser yesterday and came home in a foul
mood. He is MR Negative anyway but this lady
put him over the edge and pretty much told him it
is his fault he does not have a Job yet. In her mind
anyone that wants a job can have one if they only
try. Well, it is nice to know she has security and
is confidant in her own skills but here in the real
world those of us living in Michigan know that
with a reported 21% unemployment rate and I
am sure that in real life its 10 or more points
higher for the government sugar coats what
ever they can.
John is also not one of those people who is
waiting for the "Right Job" with a great pay
scale for he is willing to take whatever he can
get. The problem is the lower level jobs think
he is too qualified and pass him over and the
jobs in his field are pretty much gone. School
is his only chance but then he faces being a 43
year old man in an entry level job market
with 21 year olds who already have more on
th job experience. YIKES!
My son is going to his Dads after school
for they have got the last piece for the super
computer they are building. His Dads room-mate
is a computer technician and for the last 6 months
of so they have been buying all the parts they
need for his dream computer. I told him a year
or so ago that there is no way I would spend
the money he wanted me to on a top of the line
Alienware computer for he was not interested
in the base model he wanted a Super Gaming
one and the total price was around $4,000.
I could buy a whole home theator for less then
that. Now his Dad is involved and I guess they
got the last piece yesterday and frick and frat
are going to build it themselves. With Chucks
help I hope. will let you know how it turns out
but those of you living in Mid-West America
be prepared for a black out for somehow
this is going to affect the power grid.
Tomorrow I have a CAT scan first thing in
the AM for I fell a few months ago on my
Condo's front step and can not shake this
headache I have had has since. I think the
fact I cracked my noggin on the edge of the
porch really didn't help. I am a little ticked
at my landlord for about a year or so ago
the concrete started to crumble and I let
him know for I was pregnate and didn't want
to take a spill and hurt the baby. He didn't
care then it got worse and still he didn't care.
I made it through the pregnancy and was fine
then last month I was walking out the door
with the baby in my arms and another
piece broke off as soon as I put my foot
down and I could feel myself fall. I flipped
over so I wouldn't squish the baby as I went
down and CRACK! I screwed up my knee, hip,
ankle and hit my head hard enough to see
stars. The Baby thought we were at a carnival
and loved it. I spent the next three days in bed
with a hot pad. I gave my landload the doctors
bills from this and guess what? He didn't care!
I will let you know if I have brain damage I
was born with or if the boy and the man are
the real cause of my headache or if I am
going to have to plot against my landlord.
We shall see!

Moral of the Day:If it is broke don't ask your
landlord to fix it, send him the bill.

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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