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Friday, November 13, 2009


Date: 11/12/2009
Stress Level:None but Irritable
New Grey hairs added: 0

Ever had one of those days where even your own hair
touching your face annoys you? That is me today. I think I
have torn the heads of every little thing that has crossed
my path. I actually feel bad for Andrew and John for
all they have to do is be within eye sight of me and
I am ranting like a mad woman. The only one I didn't
view with homicidal thoughts was the baby. In fact if you
compared me to Linda Blair I am pretty sure you would
find a match.
The day started out innocent enough, even my daily
battle with the boy was mild. I got up (well again, got
out of the bed) and made coffee then woke him and
I swear I only had to tap my foot impatiently 3 or 4
times. I did however, once again make him breakfast
that I knew he would love. I have convinced myself
that is the difference between high and low blood
pressure. He showered, ate and went on his merry
way to school. Shweeeeew! That was too easy.
After that I was even able to hop back into
bed for a half hour or so then Baby Baby was up
and running again. I must say I love her first thing
in the morning the best. She may not be sleeping
through the night yet but she does do most of her
sleeping at night and always wakes up in such
a great, smiling, bubbly mood. I just smile as I
sit there and watch her smile for no reason. Too
bad her little grin was the last thing that made me
smile all day.
I know I am sleep deprived but it really should
have been a great day for first thing in the morning
UPS was here and brought two prizes I had won
and then FedEx came and brought another. An hour
or so after that the mail guy came and brought my
shutterfly order and a free full sized tube of toothpaste
that I had got from a freebie I signed up for.
The only part of my morning that could
have been a disaster ended up being a total
perk. I had won a pair of Jeans from a contest
and asked for them in a size 6 and I was already
rolling the dice with that size. I gained 90 pounds
with Rowan and even though I was a size 4 before
I had her I still have 15 pounds left to lose and
just got into a size 8 last week. My thought was I
might not ever be a 4 again but I can get them in
a 6 and use them as my incentive jeans. Well when
they came I ripped into the package and yanked
them out and saw they were a size 5. My hopes
sank for I thought a 6 was already pushing it.
I was already cranky so I decided to try them on
while my mood was already bad instead of trying
another day when the fact I wouldn't be able to pull
them over my hips would have knocked whatever smile
I had right off my face. You can imagine my surprise
when I pulled them up and they not only zipped and
buttoned they felt good. Not so tight one deep breath
would pop a button with such force I could take out
anyone in the county's eye. I didn't have to call John
in the room to help me apply Crisco to my hips so
I could shimmied then over. I didn't even have to suck
in. I should have been walking on sunshine but was
I?Noooooooooooooooooooooo, I was more like Cybil.
The rest of the day I was snapping at
everyone and a walk to CVS to get some
air almost landed me with a phone call to
social service for child abuse. ( Oh, I got
a good deal there too I will tell you in a
bit) I put the Baby in her carrier and got
the pooch all suited up in her harness for you
can not leave the house without her and headed
the 2 blocks down to the store. All the way
there Boo was winding her leash around me
and pulling my arm out of the socket. You
would think I should be able to handle a 12
pound dog that doesn't even stand 2 feet high
but I am telling you that little thing has the
sheer power of a stampeding Hippo. By the
time I got to the store I was already rubbing
my arm and I still had the return trip. Now
I have been going to that CVS for 8 years and
they have known Boo since she was a puppy so
they don't mind if I bring her in but I have to carry
her. Most of the girls know her real well and some
don't care if I let her down but this day the
new assistant manager was working and under my
arm she got tucked.
Now I don't know if you have ever carried a
hyper active Jack Russel before but she wiggles more
then a bowl of Jello on a freight train. She also has
very sharp nails and digs in like a cat whenever she
thinks she is missing something. By the time I got to
the cash register she was on my last nerve and I was
mumbling under my breath and threatening her with the
pound. In front of me in line was a little old lady
who did not wiggle like Jello and instead moved like
Molasses in winter. She was counting out a few dollars
in coins to boot and my blood pressure started to
creep. Wiggle wiggle, dig dig, claw, (inject fussy
baby sounds here) wiggle wiggle, one, two, three,
"Oh dear I lost count let me start again." She swoops
all the change back into her coin purse. One, two, three,
wiggle wiggle, dig dig, fussy baby, claw.
OK, I was now in pain, frustrated and crabby as
all get out and just plain snapped. I made the mistake
of saying out loud, " I swear, one more wiggle little
girl and I am going to snap your legs like twigs!"
This was immediately followed but two huge gasps of
disbelief and two pairs of angry glaring eyes focused
on me. I tried to babble that I meant the dog not
the baby but I could see they were getting more
angry by the minute and continuing to open my
mouth was akin to digging my own grave. I focused
my eyes on the floor and found an interesting part
of carpet to watch intently. One, two, SOME PEOPLE,
three, wiggle wiggle, fussy baby, dig, dig, grin and
bear it, claw.
Moral of the Day: Take the Dog or the Baby. Not BOTH!

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Picture I used on cards
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