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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday the 20th  

Date: 11/20/2009

Stress Level: very low

New Grey hairs added: 0

Still stuck on my no sleep pattern, Rowan
loves the Night Life Baby! To bad I am too old
to love to Boogie. I drug myself out of bed in
the morning hoping John would grab her but
I forgot that he had a bunch of things to do in
the morning. ~SIGH~ It was just her and I.
I didn't have an issue getting the boy out
of the house for he only has a half day and
if very much looking forward to going to
his fathers and playing with his new super
computer. It is not completely finished yet so
there is still a large chance a power grid is
going to fall victim to their plans. I don't want
to pull an Orson Wells here but "Run for you
Lives!" I know you have all seen War Games and
anything those two build is bound to be
dangerous. Let me explain this way- I once watched
them take apart a perfectly good display shelf
for your living room wall to build an awful,
uneven, rickety box to serve as some sort of
weapon box for a GI Joe Action figure. This was
not two 8 year old boys, it was a 11 year old
boy and a 41 year old man. I still miss that
shelf too!

Anyways, the morning belonged to the
girls and I had a lot to do. I needed to decorate
the Christmas tree and get some gifts wrapped
before people started poking around. I am also
a little funny in the fact I think a tree looks
complete with a few gifts and bare without.
I also had my normal junk and some extras.
Rowan enjoyed helping, lots to see, lots too
do but around 10 AM the phone calls started.
Did I tell you about John and the phone?
Think 14 year old girl. Yes, it is that bad.
You would think the world would fall apart
if he could not get advice and opinions from
32 different individuals on everything he
does during the coarse of the day. When he
goes to a store its even worse.

10 AM "Michelle, I am standing in front of the
formula they have ( blah blah blah)"

" Okay, John get that one."

"But there is also (blah blah blah)"

"That's fine, grab it"

"Yeah but-"

"Grab it John"



10:05 " Okay, Michelle. I am in front of the
toilet paper. They have (Blah blah blah)"

"John, please, whatever you think works, its
toilet paper not a life altering decision."


"John, the baby is crabby and I am doing the

"Yeah, but."

" Bye John."

10:08 "Okay. They have a deal here on aspirin.
its real good."

"Great, get it, we can always use it."

"Yeah but there are 500 and and ...."

"John, baby!"

"Hi baby! About the aspirin"


10:34 "Michelle, I am at the grocery store now
and standing in front of..............."

Okay, you get the picture. This is also everyday
he leaves the house.I used to just ignore the phone
when I Saw his name on the caller ID but with the
baby I don't want him to worry so I deal.
No need to tell you guys about the rest of the
day for I am sure you are shaking your heads
about now and mumbling that poor girl so I
will leave you guys to organize my Saint- hood
application for dealing with John.

Moral of the Day: Make sure to replace
your husbands cell phone battery with a
dead one every time he leaves the house.
No battery, no minute by minute plays on
what he is doing and where he is now!!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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