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Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday 11/23/09  

Date: 11/23/2009

Stress Level: Mild

New Grey hairs added: 1

Oy Vey, what a day! Not that it was bad,
just long. We had some errands to do today
and got a late start. John took care of the baby
last night and got a taste of what it is like to
not sleep! He was just a tad crabby this morning
so I kept her busy and let him get some more
rest but then when he did wake up he became
glued to U-Tube and I had to loudly remind
him that we had stuff to do. I just don't understand
how that man can find so much useless crap on
U-Tube to keep him busy for hours on end. I
can't wait to his school starts for I am begging
someone to get him out of the house.

It is great to spend time with each other but
24-7 and 365 is just too much. Next month will
make a year he has been laid off and though
he still has unemployment there just isn't any
work and he is starting to feel the strain. ME
TOO, I live with him! Well this morning we
had a few fast errands then a trip to the post
office. Wow, has that place gotten expensive!
I mailed 3 Ebay items and one prize out and it
was 33 dollars. I didn't even bother to ask how
much the box he mailed to his step mother was.
I have to crack up though for he is such
a doting Dad and I can't even get close to that
little girl when we are in public. He carries her
everywhere, showing her off and talking shop
to the ladies about childcare like he is Dr. Spock.

"Come on baby, Give um' a smile!"

He is just tickled pink when they ooh and awe over
her. I end up blending into the scenery and I am sure
they are thinking that poor poor Dad, doing it all
by himself!

The trauma of the day happened at home
though. Rowan took her first tumble on John's
watch and I think it hurt him more then her.
He had her next to him on the couch and though
she is a wiggler and starting to roll away and sits
up all the time he builds a wall of blankets and
pillows around her like some sort of cold war
bunker. Well the man took his eye off the ball
and ran into the kitchen to grab something and
little miss thing rolled right off the couch over
the blanket speed bumps and all.

I came running down the stairs when I heard
him loosing it and for a minute I thought he
was going to cry harder then her who was over
it in less then a minute. No damage and I am
sure it won't be the last time but the first
always hurts the most. I remember the first
time my son fell I rushed him to the ER,
where they knew me by name for I was
a little more uptight with him. They held
my hand and told me story's and waited to
I felt better before they released him. Oh,
they glanced at him once or twice too.
Somehow I think ER's are pretty good at
feeling out who the new Mom's are.

Andrew came home and has his new super
computer! Look out world he can go 45565
zillion times the speed of light and some other
details that went in one ear of mine and out the
other. Only thought I had was how much is this
thing going to drain the electric bill?

I got some more cleaning done and all my
food ready for the big two day cooking event.
WOW, one day of prep and two days of cooking.
Sometimes even I think I am insane. The people
that will be there is an odd mix too. My Ex and my
currant all at the same table. Odd, I know. My
son loves it though and it makes him really happy
to have his whole family together for the Holidays.
I will say one thing, I am sleeping on Friday, forget
the Mall I will use the Internet! Amazon always works
for me!

Moral of the Day: Pillows and Blankets don't
stop Super Baby!!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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