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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Date: 11/13/2009
Stress Level: Zero but I did have a flashback at the grocery store.
New Grey hairs added: 0

Today was a great day! OK, to be more accurate, today was a
normal day with a fantastic ending. Everything went smooth. No
trauma, no drama, no fuss or muss. What was so great about
the ending? Well, your little tootsies are going to have to
wait until I get to that point in my day. No skipping ahead
or bad things are going to happen to you!! BAD BAD things.
Alright, not really but I sounded scary didn't I?
This morning was smooth once again and today
was even more special for I didn't even have to bribe
the boy with a hot breakfast. Just a bagel and a bowl
of cereal. I wonder if he is feeling ill for this is 3 days
now where I didn't have to drag him out of bed by his toes.
Maybe not the toes but ear or something for have you
ever smelled a 16 year old socks? YUCK! Andy made
it to school on time once again and even carried some
books with him so I dare to hope he might even have
done some homework.
Speaking of home, my housework was even limited
today for I was all caught up on laundry and left the
place looking pretty good last night so this morning really
was a piece of cake. The baby still didn't sleep through
the night again so I am still running on an average of
2 hours or so of sleep a night but that doesn't effect
anyone outside of my household for the most part. Now
if your name is John or Andy or Queen Boo the dog
we should all worship you might feel different about
my lack of sleep and temperament but I don't see
any of those guys offering to be up all night with Miss
Fussy pants. The dog is sure good at cleaning her face
but I know deep down all she See's the baby as is a
food dropping machine that has toys she covets.(my
pooch has a thing for stuffed animals and will steal
them if you turn your back for a second)
For the second day in a row I didn't really have any
errands on my plate other then a fast trip to the grocery
store and a few phone calls. I did everything but two
of the phone calls and that is awesome for me because
I tend to avoid the phone like the plague. John is the
chatty Cathy at our house and reminds me of a teenage girl.
I swear one of these days I am going to buy him a pink
Blue Tooth out of principal sake. I waited to around one
before I had John run me to the Grocery store ( Not
Kroger's~I am still on strike) and that is the only place
where any drama snuck into my day at all. I will credit at
least part of it to lack of sleep but the heart of the matter
is people are just plain rude anymore. Doesn't anyone have
manors left? What happened to home schooling? UHG!
We got there and the place was pretty much empty
so of coarse that is when they restock so the isles are
all filled with staff who have filled all the free floor space
with their boxes and turned the grocery store into an
obstacle coarse. I can understand that though you think
they might try to do one side of an isle at a time. This
put me a little on edge but I thought I could deal. The
truth is I was more concerned on how to keep John
occupied then the isles for he drives me nuts in a store
so I try to send him on little missions to get "this" or
"that" just to keep him out of my hair. I wish grocery
stores had a quiet room like Churches do where you can
check in your husbands, get a ticket like a coat room
and them pick them up on the way out. Maybe have
an attendant to teach them useful skills like how to
pick up socks off the floor or put the lid down on
the toilet seat. I would tip big for that. Anyways, I
What made the vein in my forehead throb at the
store today was the plain rudeness of other customers
at the store. Isn't there a handbook somewhere where
it lists proper grocery shopping etiquette? You know the
rules like let someone with a few items go ahead of
you. Be patient with elderly shoppers no matter how slow.
Pick up something when you drop it. Or the big one that
had me up in arms today. When you stop to look at
something pull your cart over to the side out of the
way and if someone is waiting to get by move first
then get your item.
I swear to God, Allah, Budda, L Ron Hubbard and
Scooby Doo that I will create the biggest scene ever if
people don't start being polite. When did it become Okay
to put your cart in the middle of the isle and wander up
and down blocking the path for everyone else. Why do
people flat out ignore you when you do the whole clear
your throat thing as a subtle reminder you are there?
OR The not so subtle "Excuse me". I had people just
look up, roll their eyes and keep on shopping where
I was forced to turn my cart around and go the other
way. Now we have all been behind people who are
slow to start with and had dreams of shopping isles
being divided into a fast, slow and passing lane but this
is out and out rude as &^*$#. It also isn't a rare
occurrence it is the rule rather then the exception now.
I walk around counting to ten over and over again so
I don't kill a person and end up on one of Johns
news programs. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
I got home and went to start dinner and wouldn't you
know it, the reason I went there was to get BBQ sauce f
for the ribs I had pre-boiling and that was the one item
I forgot. We ended up with Taco's and going to do the
ribs tonight for I just could not go back to that
store without a hunting riffle and it being open season
on rude shoppers. I am sure Dr. Phil will do a
story on Shopping Rage soon and I will get my 15
minutes of fame. Hear that Dr. Phil give me a call.
Now for the great ending. I started to get my
little 4 month old bundle of joy ( I call her that
right now since I am proud~most times she is a bundle of
doo doo and pee pee) ready for bed and laid her on her
tummy while I grabbed her Jammie's. Most times she
hates that and throws a fit but this time I turned back
to the changing table and she was scooting on her belly
from one end to the other. Not crawling but sure as heck
trying and even getting somewhere. I then rushed her down
stairs so John could see for he was absorbed in, yeah, you
guessed it, a news program, and placed her on the floor
on her belly. She started doing it again and then BAM, outta
nowhere she rolled over. Its not the first time but the others
were an accident and I thought this was too. I put her back
on her belly and she started scooting again then when she
got tired BAM, rolled over again and giggled. LOL, now I was
hooked. I must have did it 30 times and each time it
was the same thing. Scoot scoot, tired and roll.
Rolling is no longer by mistake for her and she is close
to really crawling. Two big ol' milestones in one day! I must
have looked like the cat that ate the canary for I couldn't
stop grinning or telling her what a big girl she was. I
even called the boy out from his dungeon to witness this
feat and he was even excited. Now that is a great ending
to a wonderful day!
Moral of the Day: Figure out if your kids are crawling
too you or away from you before you get too excited!

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