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Monday, November 16, 2009


Date: 11/15/2009
Stress Level:Little to well Zero
New Grey hairs added:0

I still didn't get any sleep last night and
John leaves the house every Sunday Morning
early to have breakfast with his Uncle Bob so
he wasn't here when Rowan got up for the day
around 8 so I was really running on empty
when he came home. The good part was he
brought me home breakfast and then grabbed
the baby baby so I could get some sleep.
After I took an hour or so nap I spent some
time with the little princess before making
dinner ( early I know) with the sounds of the
Lions pretending they are a football team in
the background and John softly crying. I made
some Beef Stroganoff for me, boy I love that
stuff, and some Beef Vegetable soup for John.
Andrew got a Steak for he isn't too found of
either of the other too unless my Mother is
making the soup for him. I thought I could make
big pots of everything so I could take a day
off from the kitchen tomorrow.
Its nice to cook in bulk when you can
for it Free's up time on other days for you
to get ahead. I try to do that with everything,
EX: Laundry, mail, shopping, so I am only
stuck doing one of two major tasks per day.
I have a deep Freezer in the basement I
fill with dinners that freeze good but I would
love a bigger one so I could stick more
Lasagna and sauces in it.
After dinner was prepared I messed
around on the blog and entered some
contest and rubbed my lucky Troll down
hoping I would win something good
this week. I thought about wrapping some
more Christmas gifts but thinking about
it was as far as I got. I need to get cracking
on some major housecleaning for my
Thanksgiving dinner I am having. There
is nothing I hate more then housework!
John surprised me by cleaning out the
bathtub today for I was up to my elbows
with projects in the kitchen and he did
the whole "Will you do me a favor" thing
when I was really busy knowing I wouldn't
say no. I made a snarky comment a little
bit later as I went back upstairs and asked
him for a favor. When he said sure what,
I said clean out the bathtub. I was shocked
that he really did. To get him to do anything
other then dishes is a small feat in itself.
Or him and Andrew pull the classic if I look
like I don't know what I am doing and ask
42 zillion questions she will just do it for
me. I hate that and I hate the fact it works
even more for it is always just easier for me
to go do it then explain it to them when they
are acting dumb on purpose.
One of these days I am going to get a
Nanny Cam and tape those guys doing things
like finding the butter or milk in the fridge or
where the garbage bags are or extra shampoo,
toothpaste etc etc. My favorite is Johns,
"Hey Michelle, do I have any pants?"
"Um, no John, you walk around naked all
day every day even though I have seen better
legs on a table." When I get that Nanny Cam
I am going to tape those two doing all the
stuff they swear they don't know how to
do. I know they know! I have went away for
a day or so and when I come back believe it
or not, they have eaten, bathed, WITH SOAP
AND SHAMPOO, got fresh clothes and even
found the milk. John has even prepared
baby bottles for Rowan. Shocker!
In the afternoon I had the luxury of
taking yet another nap. Will wonders
ever cease? This was a long one and now
here I am up at 2:30 am and can't sleep.
I promise not to tear their heads off when
I am crabby tomorrow for this time its my
fault. Even the dog is like, Mom, lets go to
bed now I have some blankets and pillows
to lick and I need to squish your head by
plopping on it. By the time I woke up,
Rowan was already down for the night
so I am really relaxed. I do have a big list
of things to do this week but I am not even
going to let that stress me out.
Oh, and I down loaded Paint Shop
Pro tonight so I can fix up this here blog
a bit. I hope I remember how, its been
10 years since I ran a site by myself
and I am plenty rusty. I did get the message
from a post from a fellow OLSer that the hot
pink had to go so I hope Purple is better
for now. I also have some Product reviews
coming up and some contests and also
two book reviews.
Now I have one last thing to do before
turning in. I plan on pestering my long
time Friend Danielle on Facebook some
more for I have sent her a billion messages
and she has yet to answer. SO if you see
this Danielle you better email me soon
or I swear I am going to get super crazy on
you and if anyone knows how super my
crazy is it is you!
Moral of the Day: When you get a little
sleep, you can't sleep!.

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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