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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Soda Stream is bubbling with excitement for the Holidays!  

Soda stream soda machine!

We just got our Soda Stream and let me
tell you it looked so cool when I opened the box
I felt like I was in an episode of the Jetsons or
Star Trek. I was going to Boldly Go Where No
Mom had gone before...................................

Before I start babbling let me tell you
I go through a lot of Pop here, I drink it, my
son, my husband and the numerous people
in and out of our doors all drink it. I buy in
Bulk and try to hit sales for we go through
that much. I am sure I need a 12 step program
but the worst part is I could have put a few kids
through school with the money I have spent on
Soda over the years. Before this item even showed
 up on my door step I did some research. What I
found out made me salavate! Not only was it
voted the best product, I found out I could save
a small fortune. Best Product, yeah, cool, save
a small fortune, HOLD THE PRESS!!!!!

After I got it out of the box I shoved directions
in Johns hand. He is the man and needs to earn his
keep We revieved the Pure Model and let me tell you
it looked pretty snazzy but I just glared at this thing.
How could something so compact, sleek and stylish
save me money? Most items with that discription end
up costing you cash.


You bet!

It took John all of 30 seconds to put it together
and by this time I was knee deep in the flavors
ohhh-ing and awe-ing.

Where to start??

John picked Orange. That was our tester and it seemed
simple but then again after reading how to assemble he
tossed the directions. He pressed the button and nothing.
I was crushed until I realized it was not the button but the
release on the back and the Fizz maker as I like to call
it was on the top. Make note of that so when your
husband makes the same mistake you can come to the
recue as the resident genious! Once we located the
button the fun began. I must tell you it is a trial and
error for we started out barely touching it so we wouldnt
over fizz but then we saw it wasn't enough we started to
over fizz. Get a feel for it and you will be amazed at
what you end up with.

First off it starts with water. Right from your tap.
Water! Free Free water! I was already racking up
the savings! Then you add some of the syrups. They
come in plastic bottles, cost around $5.00 and make
a lot. The measurig caps are built right in so anyone
can make it perfect. Even my Husband! After you add
the syrup you add the fizz and that takes a little bit of
practice but once you get it you won't be sorry.

The pop is great! Awesome! I not only save money
here I also had a lot of fun doing it! My son went crazy.
"Mom, you can mix this and that and get............"
" Mom, we gotta order the blah blah blah to add to the
blah blah blah." This was a kid in a candy shop and how
often do you see a teenager smile anyways? The smile
alone would have been worth it to me. We went on
a taste sampling frenzy and even had friends over to
get in on the taste fest too. Every single flavor we tried
was really good. Even my sons mad scientist concoctions
had their own charm. I am planning on ordering more right
away for not only was it that good it is economical
and a luxury when you think about it. I can just keep
these little flavor bottles in the cuppboard and when
I have guests instead of rattling off the sodas I have
in the house I can ask "What would you like?" AND
be able to provide it, no matter what their fancey
is. Cheaper, space and storage friendly, easy to
use and entertaining to boot. You just can't beat that!

Ok, I can't beat it but Soda Stream can. They
are going to give one to my readers too! That's
right folks, you too can make a teenager smile, or
be able to offer your fickle in-laws what ever soda
they want this Holiday season without worrying
that you might not have it. YOU can SAVE money
on Soda instead of having to wait for sales. UM,
the best part. NO more trips to the store with
sticky, stinky returnables! No more waiting while
they repair the return machine. Again. All you need
is the bottles it came with and not only are you
saving money you are saving the planet!
The contest is open to the USA only and you
will win a Fountain Jet Soda Starter Kit.
18 years and older and you can enter daily
from today, November 25th to December 12th
at midnight. The winner will be notified by email
and have 72 hours to contact me. Extra ways to
enter are below but for the main entry just head
on over to Soda Stream and tell me something
you learned about the machine or Company and
the flavor you would like best! Next thing you know
you will be saving money like me!

Extra entries. Enter as many or as few as
you like but only after you do the mandatory

1. Become a follower of my blog or state
that you are. 3 entries, please post 3 times.

2. Enter another one of my contests. 1 entry

3. Grab my button. 5 entries, please post
five times.

4. Blog about this contest somewhere else
and post the link here. 5 entries, please
post 5 times.

As always you can gain an extra entry by entering
the contest of the day and posting here. That would
be two entries if you already entered it once.

That makes a total of 17 possable entries for you!

Good luck and let's all toast to Soda you can afford!

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Picture I used on cards
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