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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday November 22nd  

Date: 11/22/2009

Stress Level: very low

New Grey hairs added: 0

Sunday is John's day to go out to breakfast with
his Uncle Bob. It is my day to sleep in as long as I can.
Most of the time only one of the above happen, today
it was both. Rowan slept until 9 am. I wanted the dream
to never end. I didn't get breakfast from John when he
returned today but with the extra sleep I just didn't care.
I also got a lot done around the house today as well
as finished a product review so be on the lookout for some
new stuff coming your way. I did Christmas cards, some clean-
ing and all my Holiday meal items are ready to go. It seems
that no matter how prepared I am every year I end up
making 3 or four trips to the store on the Holiday
morning and this year I was determined for it not to
happen. OKAY, maybe one trip!

Our dog Boo was the highlight of the day today
for she is a character all by herself. She is a 4 year
old Jack Russel and was the baby for a long time
before Rowan got here. I was a little worried that
she wouldn't be able to handle it but she did and
only shows her jealous side once in a while. Today
happened to be one of those times.

Don't get me wrong, she loves the baby and
watches her like a hawk. I would be sorry for
anyone who tried to touch that little girl the
dog doesn't approve of. Most of the time she
is the most affectionate dog in the world but
when John's cousin Mark got a little too touchy
with "Her" baby Boo's hackles went up and she
gave the low warning growls and I had never been
more surprised. Any-who, lately she has shown she
misses being the baby by taking Rowan's seat. I
don't mean on the couch, or bed I mean her seat.

Her bouncy seat to be exact.

I will put the baby down for a nap and Boo
moves right in, shoving her body into the seat
as if she is a baby herself. She can't be comfortable
but she wants to be there. John even humors her and
covers her up like we do the baby. Let's hope the
bouncy seat is as far as this goes. What's next the

I should warn you that Boo doesn't think she is
a dog, she thinks she is a person. She sits at the
table, on a chair. Next to you on the couch and will
not eat her wet dog food unless you cut it into bite
size pieces for her,the same goes for table scraps.
You could give her whole Prime Rib Roast and unless
it is in little bite size pieces it will sit untouched. She
also has feeling and not only holds a grudge she
will run away if she is mad. I don't mean down the
street either. You have no idea how many Pizza
drivers cars I have tried to coax her out of for she
was moving out and leaving with them. The dog
just ain't right!

After Boo decided she was the new baby the
rest of the day was calm and Rowan and John
spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Lions
win a game. Yeah, I know, I couldn't believe it
either. You know what they say. "Even a broken
clock is right twice a day!" If they win again
I might watch a game. Well, that is it for me,
I have a dog to suck up too for she knows
where I sleep!

Moral of the Day: Dogs are people too!!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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