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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday November 19th  

Date: 11/19/2009
Stress Level: zero
New Grey hairs added: -1 ( that is minus)

Well I am back to my lack of sleep pattern
but it doesn't bother me so much when John
is on the ball for once I get the boy off to school
John takes over Baby duty and I go back to
sleep. That is the one thing I am thankful for
about him being laid off. When I had my son
I was 24 and had energy, with Rowan, not so
much. If he were at work every day I don't know
if I could do it. OK, I know I could but this makes
it a little more easy for me.

The boy must be sucking up for Christmas
or something for once again he was no problem
getting out of bed. Don't worry, you guys will
someday witness it. It is going to happen.
The day I have to stand on his bed with my
5 gallon stock pot and dump ice water over
his head to get him out of bed! I know his
MO. Today though, was not the day.
I didn't really have a thing to do today.
House work, yes, but I am even a little
ahead of schedule on that too. I have
Rheumatoid Arthritis in my spine and have
a hard time getting around on certain days
so when things like Holidays come up
I pre-plan simple things like cleaning
schedules to make everything ready
just in case I have a bad day. The last week
or so I have been good and managed to get
some really good cleaning in before
Thanksgiving and all the other hub-bub
I have going on around here next week.

Yesterday I had Andy bring the tree
up so John could put it together and he sorta
bailed on me. I reminded him today it looks
better up and not in the box where it should
be and he informed me it wasn't all there. OUCH,
I wanted this thing done and over so I asked Andy
to look where we store it and see if he can find
the parts. Call me cynical but I had already written
that thing off and pretty much planned to go get
one of those smaller, already lite, pre-built jobs,
in the next few weeks for I thought they boys
were blowing it off. I took the baby upstairs
for a nap and an hour or so later came down
and low and behold the tree was up and
ready to decorate with the skirt on and
everything. I almost wanted to hug those
guys and make them some cookies!

The only thing icky that happened today
was the Internet went down again after
I just had that repairman I bragged about
out to fix it. SO much for MR Fix it wonderman.
I have to call those guys back and wait on
hold for 6 hours again. Let's see how long
I procrastinate on that one! Oh, and I did
have a voice mail from Sears and since I am
impatient didn't listen to the whole thing
and just assumed my pictures were in.
I called before we left and lucky I did
for I was told it was just a sales call to
see if I wanted to schedule an appointment.


Didn't I just have her pictures taken a week
ago? Is there some new thing were we now
have our babies pictures taken every other
week I didn't know about? UHG! Sales people,
here is a clue, GIVE US A BREAK!

And how was your day?

Moral of the Day:If you don't need it
someone is going to try to sell it to you.
If you do need it, it is out of stock!!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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