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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hot Off The Press  

Okay guys, I missed a day but I have a list to make
up for it! A Bigun!

"Insert happy dance here"

Mondays are always off the hook busy and this one
was no exception. I thought my fingers were gonna hit
the floor a few times today and I still have about 12 reviews
I am working on. Yikes!

First out of the gate we have Handstand Kids! Yum Yum!
I love to eat and these guys have some great stuff that
your kids can help you with in the Kitchen. In my case
I need to do a review so I was thinking I can sit back with
a glass of wine and watch Andrew do the cooking. Hum,
I am not sure if he will go for it but I love the sounds of it.
Really though, Handstand kids has all sorts of items to
help your children learn their way around the kitchen.
I believe we are going to try some Chinese food and
the is where Andrew comes in. I have a big feeling I am
going to have to buy him a Wok before this is through ( not
needed for the recipes in the book) for he has been buggen
me for months for one now. I will let you know if you
guys can invest in little chef coats for your tots and join
me on the wine couch or not! I hear I might need to grab
another bottle for these guys are supposed to have some
fun, easy to make goodies that will have Jr talking like
Julia Child's before they are done! A contest and a review!

Next we have Kicky Pants! Do you know what they sell?
DO YOU!!! Clothes!
and the cutest little duds you have ever seen. Rowan will
be the next little Diva if it kills me and these guys are going
to help me along! It does not matter if you have a little
guy or a doll they have just the thing to make them look
like an angel! I just can't wait.

After Kicky Pants we have The Cream Perfume Company.
Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfume in a cream so it rubs right in
and doesn't feel all tacky like it does when you spray it
on. I have heard some great things about these guys and
I can't wait to try it. I am also a little icky as of late with
Rowan being so kind as to share her food all over my all
the time I need something to mask the smell of formula.
"Od de la I didn't want that last swallow you take it mom"
never smell as good on as it does in the bottle! This stuff
is supposed to smell great in and out of the bottle!
A review and a contest!

Alright, I will be the first to fess up and admit Rowan is a
spoiled little bugger. With all the review items she gets and
the fact her mother is addicted to shopping I have started to
wonder if I need to add another wing to the condo to house
her belongings. There is one thing she does not have though and
I have been sitting on my hands to try and not buy her one.
A Teddy Bear!
No longer will I worry for Patchwork Bear is going to do a review
and a giveaway and she will get one all her own! They have the
most adorable little bears and you can ad lib and personalize
them and they have gift sets to boot! How sweet. I have a list
from these guys I am dreaming about. The even have little duds
to dress them in. I have a feeling only Visa will be able to stop
the shopping I plan on doing there!

Next up is someone you all know without knowing! ( giggle)
sorry, I couldn't help myself. Sandra Magsamen make
clothing for children and she is on a lot of stores out there.
She has lines in Walmart and JC Penny's as well as a lot of
other places and also does her own items for her sight and
is also an artist. Everything she touched turns to fabulous
and I have no idea what she is even going to send I only know
I don't care, she is spectacular and I feel fortunate to even get
a meeting with her. I am sure whatever it is we see guys I will
end up carting along like my own woobie shoving in peoples
faces going "Do you know who made this for me!" More
details to follow on this one!

after that tuff act to follow I thought I needed to spice it
up. You guys are loving the make-up reviews and I have
another one for you. Pur Mineral is sending some of their
goodies to review and I am super excited. I had only tried
a few different make up brands in my whole life and doing
reviews I have the privilege of getting to find out about some
spectacular stuff. I have a feeling these guys are going to be
one of them. I read some other reviews on them and I can't
wait to see if they live up to the hype. I have a good vibe they
will! Anyway it goes you will be the first to know!

Another one I know you guys are going to love is a review
and giveaway from Miss Oops. They make gear for Women.
Real women with real issues and they have real answers.
We get to try the Boob Tube, a little gadget to help that
awful thing we call gravity and take some of the pressure off
of us and our poor body's and they also have my favorite,
the Jaks. You know those low jeans you love but hate looking
like a Plumber when you bend over? They have a cure and
a cute one at that. The Jaks is like an extension of your shirt
or pants and won't slip and is now world famous. We are gonna
give them a run for the money with the pair of jeans I bought
without testing and are a little too low for comfort. If I wear them
out of the house after this review they are the boss!!

Next up is a coming book review for 100 finger foods for kids.
Annabel Karmel is a great author who has numerous books
and loves our little site here and knows you will love her book!
I am totally interested in this too for I want to give Rowan some
more things in her little diet and I am scared to death to try
anything and maybe she has some answers for me. I am not
sure if there is a giveaway but if not I will pass on the review copy
and I am sure we will all get some awesome ideas!

Now we have Tiny Tongs.
Tiny Tongs are not only fun for your kids to use they help
them with their coordination to learn to eat on their own.
I just think they are a hoot to boot! These guys have a great
following and not only are they adorable they have an easy
grip, simple to use and just the right size for your tot! I can't
wait to see if Rowan "gets them" or looks at me like I am nuts
for she is a little young. Now if people can get their baby to
read I am sure I will get little baby baby to eat!

After Tiny Tongs we have my favorite thing to review.
What is it?
All together now!
But, aha, there is method to the madness of this must have
item, Bersica Futurewear not only looks good on your kids it
a high performance wear that keeps your kids dry not matte
how often they spill. I have two things to ask here.
1. I want to know if they can send me enough of this stuff
to coat my whole house and protect it from the super spiller
Andrew for at 6 foot and 275 I don't think they make his size
so covering the house will have to do.
2. I don't know if I should laugh or cry here. I know I will be
delighted that I will no longer have to change Rowans clothes
32 zillion times a day but have you seen the price of Baby Rain
Boots for if drool is no longer going to soak in it will pool at her
feet and with as much as she drools I will either have to move
her room to the bathtub or buy her boots!
Either way I am super impress that not only does fluid roll
off so does stains. They need to make kids out of the wonder
fabric! Why can't evolution catch up to technology. I am so
excited to try them. Two loves in one, cute clothes and clean
kids. This is my lucky day! A contest and a review!

Now to end the lineup, I know your eyes have got to be tired by
now, we have Guy and Eva bringing up the rear. These guys
make Jewelry and some really awesome stuff! Classy, stunning
and sophisticated this is truly top shelf. They are sending a
Necklace and Earring collection that is to die for and I am
on pins and needles just waiting!

Okay guys, I never thought I would say this but I am done!

Peace out!!!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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