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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hot Off The Press!  

Just in..............................................

Hey guys, got some new info for you! Lot's of stuff coming up
here in the new year and here is what I am starting with!

First up we have Holster Up! You guys loved the beer pager and
I thought I might find you guys some more cute stuff like that and
I hit the jackpot Partner'. Holster Up makes these of so cute
Holsters that look like something from the Wild Wild West for you
to put your beer or any other kind of bottled drink in. You can
do water, pop, an IV drip of Margaretta's I need after the last
few weeks. I love the charm of these little guys but the cold hard
facts are they are so functional too!I don't know how many times
I have been walking the dog or the baby or the Husband ( he needs
the walk the most with that Jabba The Gut he is growing) and wished
I had something to drink. I never carry a water bottle for with my
insane 12 pound Jack Russel I need both my hands so this would be
great! Not to mention fairs, parks and so many other places you
need all your limbs! They are hosting a review and a contest
for you! Meet you at the corral!

Next is My Baby Rocks! Have you seen their stuff? Love it.
Remember how I told you guys I bought Rowan some Skull and
Cross bone Bibs right before Christmas at an ridiculous price?
Well this store has those cute leather and lace items for
kids but at prices we can live with! They have some of
the darn tooten cutest things I have seen. I love it, there is
just nothing sweeter then seeing a little toddler with clothes
that scream their personality! We have a review and contest
from them and I can't wait!

After that it hit me at Christmas I have not done any reviews
for my favorite child! Well I had to fix that ASAP and Premier
Pets is helping! They are sending something for Boo, my
only good child to review and she was so nice she is putting
together a gift basket for you guys! Now the fur baby's can
get in on the review action!

After them is a time tested favorite of everyone. Burt's Bee's
is hosting a review. Not sure if there is a contest yet but if
they send more then one thing to review I will be more then
happy to share for I know everyone loves the Burt!

Tiny Tag Designs is sending a necklace for review and I love
their items. I am so hooked on the personalization jewelry
now for not only does pieces like that look good they
mean something and all I need is an opening to tell a complete
stranger my entire life story of my children. "Say, that is
a beautiful necklace you are wearing!" Big grin on me! " I know,
I know, isn't it, I got it from Tiny Tag Designs and it is not only
beautiful it has my kids on it and let me tell you................."
I can never remember if it is a good sign or bad sign when
someones eyes glaze over but I am still happy so who cares!
Tiny tags were super cool to deal with too and they are going
to offer a gift certificate for you guys! Tiny Tags is Big on Style
all the way around!

Next is Post Little Tu Tu's and I have been bouncing up and
down all day since I spoke to them! Every Mom in the world
knows how much fun it is to dress a little princess and I have
waited 20 years to do it and her item's (SIGH) to die for! I tell
you if her super spectacular Tu Tu's do not make Rowan look
like the sweetest peach on the tree I will wear it myself to
any public place you guys want! I am feeling pretty confidant
here but I will let you guys vote! I know she is offering a contest
as well so its a double treat!

Next on the list is Damo Momo! I may not have a baby bump
any longer but I can sure appreciate spectacular quality maternity
wear! Organic to boot and soft as a baby's, well you know! They
have fashions for real people they you can really wear, be comfortable
in and look good. Sad to say but that is hard to come by anymore
and they do it fantastically! Love it! Review and contest coming
your way!

KORRES was very happy with our last review and
giveaway and want to do it again! I am really excited about
that one for I loved their products and can't wait to see what
is next! These guys are great and have been super kind to
the blog and me personally and hope this is the start of
a long relationship with them for I would love us to be able
to check out all their new items!

Another review and contest we have on the way is Girl Gotch.
They make the cutest panties for little girls. Rowan isn't just
in their sizes yet but with her diaper she can demo some. I
am thrilled with their undies for when I was little was the
last time I saw girls undies and they were not cute at all.
Mini Granny Panties! They are also having a giveaway!

Picaboo is a site that allows you to do some awesome
photo books for your home that look like a publisher
made them just for you and your family! You create them
yourself and they are spectacular! I get to fiddle around and
make one of the kids and I will post some pics when it gets
here but I will get the review posted as soon as I make it
for their is a contest involved and you guys will love it!
They are offering a 50 gift cert for their site and you guys
can go nuts!

Everyday Minerals is sending a selection of their products
for review and giveaway and they have been so easy to
work with I have a feeling this is going to be great! I can
always tell when I person is super nice before they even
get to know me it is because they know they have a good
things and want to share it with the world! A review and
contest is headed your way!

Next is Batter Blaster! Pancakes in a can? Why didn't the
Cheese Wiz think of that? What a great idea for I would make
Pancakes all the time if it were not so messy! I also just got
an awesome pancake griddle for Christmas so I am doubly
excited! They are also hosting a contest for you guys!

Metalsgirls Jewelry is up now and they have the neatest
jewelry. She makes it out of just about anything and is
sending a necklace that was stunning for review and is
also offering one for giveaway! It took my breath away so
wait to you guys see it! If hubby forgets valentines day this
could be your gift! Better then the Freeway Flowers I got last
time John forgot!

Otter Box is my next review on the list coming up. They make
cell phone cases that rock and we need them at our house as
hard as we are on the phones. We are going to review an
IPhone case and they are offering a gift cert for you guys!

Pretend there is pretty music here. da da dumde dum da dum
Now back to our show......................

After Otter Box I have a review on the way for Expressiva Nursing
Wear. They make everything for Mom's who are nursing and
even if you are not for the clothes are just comfortable. I am
reviewing a pair of PJs for boy do I need some and they
are offering a gift cert for you guys. These are some really nice
outfits and cloths! I can't wait to be comfy as I write the review!

Next we have Bright Starts Toys. These guys are great and I
know it for we already have a bunch of their items. Rowan
loves her activity center and they are sending their new one
out for review. It is funny, with my son all I had was Playschool
and Fisher Price and with Rowan I have not one thing by them
it is all Sassy Toys and Bright Starts I just like them way better!

Another Yummy Food Review too! This time it is Galaxy Granola!
I don't know about you guys but I love Granola. It has got to be
the sweetest snack in the world and better then candy. I have
been hooked for years and can't wait to try theirs for I heard it
is really good. They also are putting together a gift pack for you
guys! YUM

Next is Darling Droolers. Are these guys cute! They have bibs
and blankets and Burp clothes and all in luxury designs and
styles. I love those Minky Soft type deals and they have it
with so much style. They are sending items for a review and
a giveaway! Deliciously fashionable!

Last on this list is Sock Grams! I love socks and love the
comfort of new socks, Okay, I have a fetish and you will
just have to wait for the review for the details! I know they
have a special discount for my readers too for these are a
perfect gift for the kids on Valentines day!

I am also starting to get all caught up and hopefully will hear
back from a couple of sponsors I have been waiting on to hear the
prize they wanted to offer. I have those reviews ready and just
waiting on the details. I still am plugging away bringing you
guys everything I can and hopefully we will keep on trucken!
Don't forget to check out all the links on the side for there
is stuff in there you can't get on the main page. Also keep an
eye on the winners list I have had a few people not answer
the emails and don't want anyone to miss a prize!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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