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Thursday, December 6, 1990

Look what is going on now!  

Birmingham has so much going on
right now. Where downtown Royal Oak
centers it's focus on Restaurant's and Night
Life, Downtown Birmingham seems to have
its focus on Shopping and specialty stores.
This makes Christmas shopping there a
blast and I look forward to it every year.

They really do up the whole city
and the downtown is just like
walking into a charming escape
from reality all during the month
of December. The Stores are just
the base of entertainment
for you can also take a
Carriage ride and instead of line
at the mall where the kids get bored
and antsy you can visit Santa's
House at Shain Park from 6-8

The Historical Museum has
all sort of things for your tots
to do and on December 10th
and 17th many of the towns
Merchants are hosting
giveaways. They are giving out
free prizes and gifts right out on the
streets where you can
walk away with loot worthy
of a Rock Star!

It is also one of the last vestige's
around where you can listen to
some real Carolers! Birmingham
is a great destination to go to
any time of the year and offers
some landmark Metro Detroit
Locations like Peabody's but
during the Holidays it just
is off the charts!

Make sure to mark it on
your list as a Must Stop
Event. Your kids will love
you for it and you might
walk away with some
Plane tickets or other

For more information please go to.....

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Picture I used on cards
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