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Monday, April 5, 2010

Up Date  

Hi there Guys and Gals
I just wanted to let you know I am back. I
have some reviews I am posting and giveaways
and will be posting many, many more in the
next couple of weeks. I wanted to take a moment
to apologize for getting so far behind, like a few
weeks now but it could not be avoided. I know
I talk to you guys about a lot of things and pretty
much give you a play by play of my life on a daily
basis but seldom do I share the icky things for I
would rather bring you guys happy thoughts to make
your day lighter not nasty and depressing but the last
month has just been too much for me. The last month
has turned out to be one of the worse months I have
had in eons and since I know things can't get any worse
I am putting on my big girl panties and slapping on a new
saddle and getting back on the horse. Without tear stained
details I will give you a little run down of my month and
hope after seeing it you guys will understand. We started
with my Mother who ended up having two surgeries and
hopefully she is good for a while now for if I have to
see another Doctor or Hospital in the next month I will
scream my head off. After that we hit the super germ.
Everyone, and I mean everyone in the house got it and
got it bad. I live with loads of aches and pains but this
thing had me flat on my back and seeking comfort in a
vat of chicken noodle soup, Vicks, Uniquely and both a
heating pad and ice pack for I kept flipping between too
hot and too cold. The kids both got it and though both
were bad Andrew got hit with the Flu part the worst and
was off his feet for a few days straight and was so sick
he didn't even care or complain he was grounded from his
computer for not cleaning his room. Normally that is a huge
fight but he was more then content to just sleep for a week.
Rowan on the other hand is not throwing up so much but hers
is holding on for a few weeks now and is showing up as
congestion and just like when I first brought her home she
is sleeping maybe two hours a night due to the fact she can't
breath. I bring that Blue Bulb thingie in the room and she
starts screaming before I even get near her. She is the one
I feel the worst about for she is too little to even blow her
nose and it does not look like it is going away any time soon.
To compound Rowans problems, she is still teething and
teething bad. I have spoken to a few people for it is driving
me nuts and I know she is way off track on her teething
schedule here and most kids get between one and five teeth
in the first year and Rowan will have 9 for sure maybe more.
Right now she has her four front teeth on the top and the
bottom and is working on her side with a Molar already now.
She is going to be 9 months next week and has already
doubled the high end of normal and still constantly tugging
her ear and I don't think we are even close to out of the
woods with that issue yet. Again I feel really bad for her for
again there is not much I can do.
The last thing has been coming a while and I was hoping
to not have to post it but it can no longer be avoided. As
always bad luck comes in groups and it is just more fluff
for the pudding right now and all I can say is figures. John
and I have separated. He and I have already been spending
a lot of time apart and it has just been blown out of control
over the last year. He has moved to his Brothers for now
and I do not want to say it was anyones fault. The lovely
combination of financial stress with him being out of work for
2 years now and the fact we have been under each others
feet for those two years has been a lot to handle and rather
then kill each other we decided to separate before we make
the 5 O Clock news. I do not see us working things out
and frankly I am too old and too tired to spend any more
time working on a hopeless situation. We started out comfortable
with each other and just because you are friends with a
person for years does not always mean you can sustain a
relationship. I am very thankful for the gift of Rowan though
and she alone made the last 4 years worth it. I have been
pretending to my friends things have been okay for a while
now and just could no longer deal with it and since there is
no perfect time to do things like this now is as good as
any. Don't feel bad for me for it was for the best and one
of the good things about being sick is when you look like
crap people just chalk it up to the bug and since I have
already been moping around I am already feeling much
Now I can't promise you guys I will be back to 100 percent
but I will get a bunch of reviews and giveaways up this week
and post the winners to the contests over the last two weeks.
I have notified a few people and I also apologize if any of
you have emailed me this week for everything came to a
peak this last week and have not sorted any of them. I will
get to them all this week and now that I am up and moving
things will be back to normal as soon as I can. If any of
you have been notified and not received your prize and have
sent me that info please send an email to the web email
at and I will check
into that for you. I believe all info has been passed to
sponsors but I want to make sure.
Thanks for understanding and I hope to have some
awesome Spring and Summer stuff up for you soon!

What next?

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5 comments: to “ Up Date

  • Dana
    April 5, 2010 at 8:31 PM  

    Sorry for everything you've been going through. My little one is also getting some teeth, all four top ones at once and it has not been fun. Sending you prayers and big hugs!!

  • cstironkat
    April 8, 2010 at 11:24 AM  

    I'm sending you good wishes for health. Take care of yourself first. The blogging can wait, your loyal readers understand.

  • Aileen
    April 11, 2010 at 6:46 PM  

    Decided to check tonight to see if you have posted anything on your blog. Have to admit, I was getting a bit worried. Glad to hear your mom is alright, but deeply sorry to hear about all the stuff going down in your life. Don't worry about your blog, please take care of yourself and family first. Sending you all my prayers and wishes for better days ahead.

  • alovelymadness
    April 13, 2010 at 8:05 AM  

    Hang in there. Sounds like you have a good attitude about all the crappy stuff. Things really do have a way of working out for the best if we let them.
    We'll be here, so don't worry about the blogging.
    And don't forget to do some nice stuff for yourself.

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    December 1, 2010 at 10:15 PM  

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