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Friday, December 7, 2001


Did you all read my She' Essential

Beauty Review? If you did then you know

how bad I need help with my hair, eyes, skin,

face and nails. I really need help! It has been

a year since I even got my hair cut. I have

disgusted myself even. For 25 years I have

been the resident Diva! The I was 40 and

pregnant and lost all ambition.

If I click my heels together 3 times and

say " I am a Diva" do you think I can go

back to the way I was?

Well She' Essentials fixed me! Or, at least

they gave me a great head start. I still need

that hair doo!

Now I have another problem. Did you know

that if you ignore your make-up for over a year

that anything liquid or cream based will dry

up? Did you know there is a shelf life on

make-up? Um, shocker to me! My collection

is dust! Now I need to buy more.

I have a thing about skin. I was blessed

with flawless, youth full looking Ivory skin.

I realized at a young age how blessed

I was and saw other people suffering through

acne and other ailments. I swore to myself

that I would never put anything but a high

quality product and do everything in my

power to care for my skin. I spend more

money on make-up then I will ever admit too.

I lived at the Lanacomb, Estee Lauder and

Clinique Counters at the mall. Now I am ready

to face the world again and I have no "face" to

put on. Everything but my Eye Shadow and Blush

are ruined and as useful to me as my son on

the first day of spring cleaning. I could just

die! I started surfing the net going from beauty

site to beauty site saying goodbye to all my old

friends when I stumbled upon a site called


Wait a minute.....................

They look good...................

I took a few minutes to read through their site

and check out their product listings, checking out

the ingredients, the philosophy and the dedication

they pour into their products.

They sound good.......

I wonder................

Next thing I know I am swapping emails back

and forth and was able to offer a contest for

you guys and a review for the site. while you

all have been busy entering the contest I have

been pacing the floors here waiting.


Bright and early!

I received the same kit that is in the contest.

It contains

• Pro vitamin B5 and Rice Bran mascara

in black that conditions and strengthens

the lashes while boosting volume and length.

• Cherry oil lip gloss in Light Purple 23

provides high shine and moisture without

being sticky.

• Guava lipstick in Natural Pink 13 is highly

pigmented and offers intense creamy color.

• Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadow

in White 10 provides hydration, long lasting-

wear and eyelid firming benefits.

• Soft Eyeliner in black has the perfect smooth

texture to give you endless options for the eyes.

And they are my colors too!

The first thing I grabbed was the eyeliner for

I am super fickle about those.It was a pencil and

I was a little nervous. I had a flashback to my

teen years and the hard pencil eyeliners I used

then. This was so NOT that product. I was shocked

at how creamy and smooth it was. How it glided on

and there was no smudging like with the twist up

eye liners I had been using. It was solid and went

where you put it. It did not stick on parts of your

skin and end up skipping and leaving a mess.

It was perfect!


Phase one complete.

After the liner I grabbed the shadow. Again, Amazed.

The color applies smooth and looks the same on you

as it does in the pallet. You can feel the moisture in

it but it is dry enough to cover even and not leave

blops. Very impressive and I really liked it better then

the lanacomb I have in my drawers right now.

Phase two rocked!

Next was the Mascara and I spent some time

pulling it in and out of the container. From past

experiences I know that about half the time you

pull out the wand there are thick clumps on it

and they end up making your lashes stick together

and when you try to get it off you make a mess and

need to start over. This didn't do that at all. I tried

like the dickens to get it to but it didn't. Not even

close. It went on smooth and stayed where I put


Phase three is kick-en it top shelf style!

Last was the Lipstick and Gloss. I could own

stock in a lipstick and Gloss factory. I use 2-4

tubes a month and have spent my sons Collage

money buying it. ( Shhhh!) The Lipstick went on

creamy and felt moist, not dry and caked. I could

run my tongue over my lips without fear of ending

up with a pink tongue. It lasted too. I felt no need

to reapply and think I could save money on this for

I will not be using 2-4 tubes a month. The gloss

was equally impressive. It was just shiny and

glossy enough without making me look like

I belonged in a Vegas Cat house. It was not

too thick and didn't leave me feeling like

I had casted my lips in some disgusting

foreign substance. It was really clean feeling

and I was tickled pink, funny, same shade as the

lip products.

All of this came in a perfect sized, quality

case I will be taking everywhere with me. It is

not flashy or silly looking like the ones I get with

a lot of gift packs at the mall and it is one color

(brown) and will go with everything!

My review is so positive I can't even

give you descriptive words that won't make

me look like a 6 year old in a candy shop.

I was that excited to do this review. I would

be more then willing to review anything KORRES

has to offer ( hint hint, LOL) for everything I received

today was so spectacular I can't see them making

anything bad. It is MY new brand of make-up!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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